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Classroom Clickers and the Cost of Technology
Mentions pricing of clickers "$20-40 for an item that can be used in multiple classes"
ESB6  esb7  ch11  clickers  pricing  classes 
7 weeks ago by jeromekatz
Classroom Clickers: The Ultimate Guide
Read this Ultimate Guide to gain a clear understanding of clickers, otherwise known as classroom response systems, as well as how the different types work, and how they have evolved from being handheld remotes to mobile devices students already own.
ESB6  esb7  ch11  clickers  pricing  classes 
7 weeks ago by jeromekatz
Gimkit - assessment game
Assessment game which is like Kahoot but adds the aspect of gambling (good or bad). Freemium priced
assessment  kahoot  clickers  kathyvantil 
november 2018 by amann
Create Interactive Online Presentations On Any Device – Swipe
With Swipe, you can quickly create and share beautiful, interactive, online presentations on any device. Signup for a completely free account today!
clickers  ars  edtech@vu 
august 2018 by bonni208
Dominikus Baur - Data Visualization: Data Futures
Data Futures is a live experiment about the connections between our data and ourselves. It is run in conference settings, with a large, real-time visualization on a projector, two moderators (Daniel and me) and the participants' smartphones.
weekly  data  clickers  art 
september 2017 by twwoodward
CWSEI - Resources
Teaching resources fr Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative at U of British Columbia #motivation #assessment
facultydevelopment@vu  facultydevelopment  sotl  clickers  activelearning  classnorms  ars  exams  assessment  motivation 
august 2017 by bonni208
Clicking with Middle School Science -- THE Journal
A nice example & description of how one middle school uses clickers. Provides ideas for your own use.
FitchTeachers  clickers  tools 
june 2017 by benwildeboer

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