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Edulastic - online assessment
Online assessment recommended by Graphite. Freemium model, not sure on the cost. It offers some nice Smarter Balance type questions
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december 2015 by amann
Assessment site with build-in questions?
assessment  math  clicker 
december 2015 by amann
Auto Clicker for Mac
Allison wants to configure this thing to click on Game of War games ran by Bluestacks app.
Automation  clicker  Software  interesting 
october 2015 by racl101
Plickers - Clickers, Simplified
Plickers is a great student response system that is perfect for the one iPad classroom. I’ve featured it on Free Technology for Teachers and used in workshops this summer, but I’ve yet to feature it here. Plickers is a neat student response system that uses a teacher’s iPad, iPhone, or Android device in conjunction with a series of QR codes to create a student response system. Students are given a set of QR codes on large index cards. The codes are assigned to students. Each code card can be turned in four orientations. Each orientation provides a different answer. When the teacher is ready to collect data, he or she uses the Plickers mobile app to scan the cards to see a bar graph of responses. Teachers can create and save as many questions and responses as they like. The data collected can be viewed in a web browser or in the mobile app.
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august 2014 by lynnmtthws
Quizdini | It's not just easy, it's Quizdini!
Online response system requires a one time $10 "donation" to register.
quiz  interactive  assessment  responsesystem  clicker 
august 2014 by amann - give a voice to your audience propose de créer des sondages ou de susciter la discussion entre les auditeurs et les intervenants d'un débat ou d'une présentation en affichant des questions et des tweets.
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june 2014 by scherly
Compare Poll Everywhere vs. SMSPoll, Socrative, Top Hat Monacle, and others | Poll Everywhere
Compare web-based response systems

People often ask us "What's the difference between Poll Everywhere and (some other system)?" We can afford honest transparency because we're one of the better products out there.
simon  fse  mqlicker  web  poll  response  clicker 
may 2014 by fang
ClassFlow - A cloud-based teaching and learning platform for teachers
Tool - which on first glance looks similar to NearPod, which allows a teacher to create a lesson with embedded assessment, and deliver it to students. You can sign up using your Google account.
classflow  assessment  clicker  responsesystem  ipad  lesson 
may 2014 by amann

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