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Gamify Your Classroom | Smore Newsletters
An assortment of apps to gamify a classroom
game  kahoot  clicker  flippity 
8 weeks ago by amann
Gimkit assessment game
Freemium online assessment works with Quizlet terms
clicker  kahoot  gimkit  kathyvantil  quizlet 
november 2018 by amann
Desus & Mero GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
GIF reactions, car, cars, park, desus and mero, close, parking, alarm, closed, keys, lock, remote, locked, clicker, locking, car keys, parked car, locked car Giphy ______
reactions  car  cars  park  desus  and  mero  close  parking  alarm  closed  keys  lock  remote  locked  clicker  locking  parked  wynajem  samochody  auta 
june 2018 by architektura
Universal Paperclips
Clicker game that explores scary possible ramifications of a self-modifying AI set on a singular task: make paperclips.
game  clicker  ai 
october 2017 by elq

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