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a pen showing how to set up close for tap/click outside of modal
webdesign  web  design  fancybox  click  outside  close  tap  modal  js  javascript  script 
18 days ago by piperh
(9) How to AUTOMATICALLY fill PDF forms using Microsoft Excel in 1 CLICK - YouTube ;;;
tags: How to AUTOMATICALLY fill PDF forms using Microsoft Excel in 1 CLICK - YouTube | video howTo ;;;
How  to  AUTOMATICALLY  fill  PDF  forms  using  Microsoft  Excel  in  1  CLICK  -  YouTube  |  video  howTo 
23 days ago by neerajsinghvns
Sharey - Add custom messages to reshared social media posts.
Spend 15 minutes a day sharing content and turn every social media post into a web traffic generating machine. Add a call to action to shared posts.
social  media  share  content  branded  click  url 
25 days ago by kpieper876
Click To Call with C# and ASP.NET MVC - Twilio
Initiate a phone call between an online user and an agent.
twilio  service  phone  click  to  call  automation  sms 
4 weeks ago by smack416
map text content on to an image - useful for publishing perhaps.
map  design  editor  click  image  maps  content  infographic 
4 weeks ago by kexrex
Click is a Python package for creating beautiful command line interfaces in a composable way with as little code as necessary. It’s the “Command Line Interface Creation Kit”. It’s highly configurable but comes with sensible defaults out of the box.
python  click  command-line 
4 weeks ago by nriley
mikroBUS - MikroElektronika
mikroBUS. Smallest number of pins — maximum expandability. The mikroBUS™ socket comprises a pair of 1×8 female headers with a proprietary pin configuration and silkscreen markings. The pinout (always laid out in the same order) consists of three groups of communications pins (SPI, UART and I2C), six additional pins (PWM, Interrupt, Analog input, Reset and Chip select), and two power groups (+3.3V and 5V).
maker  mikrobus  click  pcb  design  specification 
5 weeks ago by dlkinney
Mastering Click: Writing Advanced Python Command-Line Apps
This is a great example of doing things with click. Some are not obvious.
python  click 
7 weeks ago by jefftriplett
How does clickthrough data reflect retrieval quality?
Automatically judging the quality of retrieval functions based on observable user behavior holds promise for making retrieval evaluation faster, cheaper, and more user centered. However, the relationship between observable user behavior and retrieval quality is not yet fully understood. We present a sequence of studies investigating this relationship for an operational search engine on the e-print archive. We find that none of the eight absolute usage metrics we explore (e.g., number of clicks, frequency of query reformulations, abandonment) reliably reflect retrieval quality for the sample sizes we consider. However, we find that paired experiment designs adapted from sensory analysis produce accurate and reliable statements about the relative quality of two retrieval functions. In particular, we investigate two paired comparison tests that analyze clickthrough data from an interleaved presentation of ranking pairs, and we find that both give accurate and consistent results. We conclude that both paired comparison tests give substantially more accurate and sensitive evaluation results than absolute usage metrics in our domain.
click  data  clickthrough  IR  papers  paired  comparison 
8 weeks ago by foodbaby
Learning from Click Model and Latent Factor Model for Relevance Prediction Challenge
How to accurately interpret user click behaviour in search log is a key but challenging problem for search relevance. In this paper, we describe our solution to the relevance prediction challenge which achieves the first place among eligible teams. There are three stages in our solution: feature generation, feature augmentation and learning a ranking function. In the first stage, we extract features in relation to query-document pairs as well as individual queries and documents from the click log data. In the second stage, we induce additional features by click model techniques and learning latent factor models to correct different biases and discover the correlations between different queries or documents respectively. In the final stage, we apply supervised learning models on the limited labelled data to induce a model for predicting relevance based on the features generated in the previous two stages.
click  LTR  IR  papers 
8 weeks ago by foodbaby
Ranking Relevance in Yahoo Search
Lots of real-world tricks used by Yahoo to build ML based web search including: LTR with a custom loss function, semantic matching (click similarity, translated text matching, deep semantic matching) to improve precision for tail queries that lack user behavioural features, query rewriting to bridge the vocab gap and improve recall, plus freshness & location ML models. The models are generally learnt from click logs or human annotated judgements, and evaluated against a gold set of 2,000 queries split into top, torso, and tail.
IR  papers  practical  location  recency  query  rewriting  click  freshness  yahoo 
8 weeks ago by foodbaby

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