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How to Track Outbound Links in WordPress
Do you want to track external or outbound links on your WordPress site? In this guide, we will show you how to easily track outbound links in WordPress.
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29 days ago by jennettefulda
The anatomy of a click: what happens to your data online • Huffington Post
James Ball:
<p>You might have followed a link from social media, email, a search engine, or even just typed in a web address, but now you’ve arrived at a site your computer or phone has sent a message to its server asking it to deliver you the content you’ve asked for.

For any site showing programmatic adverts – including this one – this sets off a lengthy chain reaction. The first thing the site does is the obvious one that’s visible to us: it starts sending you the editorial (non-advertising) content that you’ve asked for. So far so good.

What it also does is then send a message saying – more or less – “give me some adverts please!” to a Supply Side Platform, a company specialised in doing the mirror of what the demand ones do: get as much info as it can to go into the matchmaking lottery and get the best price possible.

That Supply Side Platform then sends – via the website you visited – a request for your computer to send it as much information as it’s willing to: it will send details of your browser and its ID, your IP address (which gives your rough location), and as much information from cookies as it can, which can include details of your browsing history and much else.

Once it’s received whatever information your computer was willing to hand over – the more the better, as it lets advertisers target better – it bundles it up, and it’s ready for the main event: the auction for your attention.</p>

Useful guide to what happens far, far faster than humans can imagine. One to refer to for the future.
internet  advertising  Click 
6 weeks ago by charlesarthur
Welcome to Click
Click is a Python package for creating beautiful command line interfaces in a composable way with as little code as necessary. It’s the “Command Line Interface Creation Kit”. It’s highly configurable but comes with sensible defaults out of the box.
click  python  cli 
6 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
Click data as implicit relevance feedback in web search
Search sessions consist of a person presenting a query to a search engine, followed by that person examining the search results, selecting some of those search results for further review, possibly following some series of hyperlinks, and perhaps backtracking to previously viewed pages in the session. The series of pages selected for viewing in a search session, sometimes called the click data, is intuitively a source of relevance feedback information to the search engine. We are interested in how that relevance feedback can be used to improve the search results quality for all users, not just the current user. For example, the search engine could learn which documents are frequently visited when certain search queries are given.

In this article, we address three issues related to using click data as implicit relevance feedback: (1) How click data beyond the search results page might be more reliable than just the clicks from the search results page; (2) Whether we can further subselect from this click data to get even more reliable relevance feedback; and (3) How the reliability of click data for relevance feedback changes when the goal becomes finding one document for the user that completely meets their information needs (if possible). We refer to these documents as the ones that are strictly relevant to the query.

Our conclusions are based on empirical data from a live website with manual assessment of relevance. We found that considering all of the click data in a search session as relevance feedback has the potential to increase both precision and recall of the feedback data. We further found that, when the goal is identifying strictly relevant documents, that it could be useful to focus on last visited documents rather than all documents visited in a search session.
IR  relevance  LTR  click  data 
7 weeks ago by foodbaby
Daring Fireball: Much Ado About Click-Through
But that’s not a solution to either problem: that click-through behavior should be consistent system-wide; and that the aforementioned consistent click-through behavior should be off by default, and on only for certain situations.
mac  osx  click-through  clickthrough  click  gruber 
10 weeks ago by fjordaan
Daring Fireball: The Problems With Click-Through
Better is a default policy where click-through is off by default, and enabled only for exceptions where there is little or no downside when click-through isn’t intended. Thus, in most cases, buttons are not good candidates for click-through. But draggable objects, like file and folder icons in the Finder (and similar apps, such as FTP programs), are.
mac  osx  click-through  clickthrough  click  gruber 
10 weeks ago by fjordaan

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