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AlecAivazis/survey: A golang library for building interactive prompts with support for windows and posix terminals.
survey - A golang library for building interactive prompts with support for windows and posix terminals.
golang  cli  framework 
10 hours ago by pinterb
TLDR pages
The TLDR pages are a community effort to simplify the beloved man pages with practical examples.
reference  Linux  shell  unix  cli 
14 hours ago by Styrke
Pandoc - About pandoc
If you need to convert files from one markup format into another, pandoc is your swiss-army knife. Pandoc can convert documents in markdown, reStructuredText, textile, HTML, DocBook, LaTeX, MediaWiki markup, TWiki markup, OPML, Emacs Org-Mode, Txt2Tags, Microsoft Word docx, LibreOffice ODT, EPUB, or Haddock markup to

HTML formats: XHTML, HTML5, and HTML slide shows using Slidy, reveal.js, Slideous, S5, or DZSlides.
Word processor formats: Microsoft Word docx, OpenOffice/LibreOffice ODT, OpenDocument XML
Ebooks: EPUB version 2 or 3, FictionBook2
Documentation formats: DocBook, TEI Simple, GNU TexInfo, Groff man pages, Haddock markup
Page layout formats: InDesign ICML
Outline formats: OPML
TeX formats: LaTeX, ConTeXt, LaTeX Beamer slides
PDF via LaTeX
Lightweight markup formats: Markdown (including CommonMark), reStructuredText, AsciiDoc, MediaWiki markup, DokuWiki markup, Emacs Org-Mode, Textile
cli  markdown  tools  md  rtf  format  documents  conversion 
yesterday by Tknvbe
Check Ubuntu Version
lsb_release -a
more /etc/lsb-release
dev  cli  commands  references  linux  simple 
yesterday by skinnymuch
Five Ways to Keep Remote SSH Sessions and Processes Running After Disconnection
process orphan daemon screen tmux nohup fg disown setsid ssh openssh
shell  ssh  cli  commandline 
yesterday by dusko
Does curl have a --no-check-certificate option like wget? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
Q: I am trying to make a curl request to one of our local development servers running a dev site with a self-signed SSL cert. I am using curl from the command line. [...]
A: [...] -k, --insecure (SSL) This option explicitly allows curl to perform "insecure" SSL connections and transfers. [...]
2013  stackexchange  forumthread  ssl  tls  security  cli  unix  tool  tips  example 
yesterday by ezequiel

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