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How to sleep a million years — Idea of the day
"Fluxcapacitor runs any program in an special environment which has different view on passing time than the rest of the operating system. From a point of view of a program everything is normal, but if you observe it from outside you'll see it run "faster". You can say fluxcapacitor speeds up the flow of time for the program."
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yesterday by henrik
iikira/BaiduPCS-Go: 百度网盘客户端 - Go语言编写
BaiduPCS-Go - 百度网盘客户端 - Go语言编写
baidupan  go  cli 
yesterday by reorx
GangZhuo/BaiduPCS: 百度网盘命令行工具。The terminal utility for Baidu Network Disk.
BaiduPCS - 百度网盘命令行工具。The terminal utility for Baidu Network Disk.
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yesterday by reorx
How to set up L2TP/IPsec VPN on Linux (using NetworkManager & strongSwan) | Best VPNz
[...] If you want to use L2TP/IPsec on Linux you are probably going to need to install a few extra packages. I wrote this tutorial on Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon desktop edition, but it should be very similar for other flavors of Linux, and I will discuss these as well. Plenty of screenshots are included below. [...]
mint  howto  sysadmin  blogpost  2016  linux  vpn  l2tp  ipsec  cli  screenshots 
yesterday by ezequiel provides a lightweight solution for using encrypted passwords in shell scripts using SSH and OpenSSL. It allows a user to encrypt a password at runtime and then use it, decrypted, within another script.
scripts  password  encryption  cli  ssh 
2 days ago by eriwst
ripgrep is faster than {grep, ag, git grep, ucg, pt, sift} - Andrew Gallant's Blog
Why should you use ripgrep over any other search tool? Well…

It can replace both The Silver Searcher and GNU grep because it is faster than both. (N.B. It is not, strictly speaking, an interface compatible “drop-in” replacement for both, but the feature sets are far more similar than different.)
Like The Silver Searcher, ripgrep defaults to recursive directory search and won’t search files ignored by your .gitignore files. It also ignores hidden and binary files by default. ripgrep also implements full support for .gitignore, where as there are many bugs related to that functionality in The Silver Searcher. Of the things that don’t work in The Silver Searcher, ripgrep supports .gitignore priority (including in parent directories and sub-directories), whitelisting and recursive globs.
ripgrep can search specific types of files. For example, rg -tpy foo limits your search to Python files and rg -Tjs foo excludes Javascript files from your search. ripgrep can be taught about new file types with custom matching rules.
ripgrep supports many features found in grep, such as showing the context of search results, searching multiple patterns, highlighting matches with color and full Unicode support. Unlike GNU grep, ripgrep stays fast while supporting Unicode (which is always on).
ripgrep supports searching files in text encodings other than UTF-8, such as UTF-16, latin-1, GBK, EUC-JP, Shift_JIS and more. (Some support for automatically detecting UTF-16 is provided. Other text encodings must be specifically specified with the -E/--encoding flag.)
In other words, use ripgrep if you like speed, saner defaults, fewer bugs and Unicode.
tools  unix  windows  osx  cli  terminal 
2 days ago by dustinvenegas

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