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You don't (may not) need Moment.js
"Moment.js is a fantastic time & date library with lots of great features and utilities. However, if you are working on a performance sensitive web application, it might cause a huge performance overhead because of its complex APIs and large bundle size."
MomentJS  date  JavaScript  library  bundle  weight  webperf  clevermarks 
2 hours ago by nhoizey
CSS Indexes
A listing of every term defined by CSS specs.
CSS  property  function  atRule  index  list  clevermarks 
yesterday by nhoizey
Software disenchantment
As a general trend, we’re not getting faster software with more features. We’re getting faster hardware that runs slower software with the same features.
clevermarks  webperf  web  bloat 
6 days ago by nhoizey
The "Developer Experience" Bait-and-Switch
"JavaScript is the web’s CO2. […] The web will not succeed in the markets and form-factors where computing is headed unless we get JS emissions under control."
Web  JavaScript  bloat  webperf  clevermarks 
7 days ago by nhoizey
Magento PWA Studio: General Overview
In it’s core, Magento PWA Studio is a set of tools used for development of React-powered Magento 2 themes, and in this article we are going to see why is that the case. It’s also important to note that Magento PWA Studio uses GraphQL which is part of the development version of Magento 2.3.
clevermarks  opensource  PWA  Magento  ecommerce 
10 days ago by nhoizey
Angular Progressive Web App Guide
"Progressive Web Apps made ridiculously easy with Angular"
PWA  Angular  clevermarks 
13 days ago by nhoizey
Progressive Web Apps with Angular
"learn about how to design and build Progressive Web Apps with Angular"
PWA  Angular  clevermarks 
13 days ago by nhoizey
Continuous improvement in web performance with Dareboost (by M6 Web)
"if I compare the AMP version of Google with our reactive version, we are always better, whatever the metric."
webperf  AMP  clevermarks 
13 days ago by nhoizey
"Kuzzle is an open-source solution that includes a scalable server, a multiprotocol API, an administration console and a set of plugins that provide advanced functionalities like real-time pub/sub, blazing fast search and geofencing."
opensource  API  realTime  geolocation  geofencing  clevermarks 
15 days ago by nhoizey
Nested Links Without Nesting Links. /via @SaraSoueidan
"Each article is clickable as a whole entity and would link to the article page. But we still wanted the links within the article item, such as the author name and any links inside the excerpt, to also work as regular links."
link  nesting  excerpt  CSS  clevermarks 
15 days ago by nhoizey
Google AMP Can Go To Hell
"All the articles published on Google’s developer website are intended to ensure the chaotic, messy web becomes more like a clean, easy-to-understand web. In other words, a Google-shaped web. This is a battle Google has been fighting for decades.

And the latest weapon in Google’s arsenal is AMP. "
clevermarks  amp  Google  Web 
19 days ago by nhoizey
A Bone to Pick with Skeleton Screens
Facebook and Google use skeleton screens to make their apps feel faster. Should you be using them too?
skeleton  screen  UX  webperf  clevermarks 
20 days ago by nhoizey
How to Speed Up Your UX with Skeleton Screens
In software design, skeleton screens provide an alternative to the traditional methods. Rather than show an abstract widget, skeleton screens create anticipation of what is to come and reduce cognitive load.
skeleton  screen  UX  webperf  clevermarks 
20 days ago by nhoizey
Avec l’API d’, embarquez directement les données ouvertes dans votre application.
address  openData  France  API  reverse  geocoding  clevermarks 
20 days ago by nhoizey
The Font Loading Checklist
Our goal as web developers is to maximize the experience and raise user expectations to the level of what the web is capable of delivering, but also to manage our performance budgets to ensure that we are fulfilling the promise of the web—it’s ubiquity. This checklist should help you deliver on those two often competing ideals.
font  webperf  clevermarks 
21 days ago by nhoizey
Deploying ES2015+ Code in Production Today
"Most developers think of <script type="module"> as way to load ES modules (and of course this is true), but <script type="module"> also has a more immediate and practical use-case—loading regular JavaScript files with ES2015+ features and knowing the browser can handle it!"
webperf  ES5  ES6  module  JavaScript  clevermarks 
5 weeks ago by nhoizey
Securing Web Sites Made Them Less Accessible
"So, [in Uganda] you’re losing half your packets (or more), and the packets that aren’t lost have latency times around two-thirds of a second (or more). Each.
HTTPS, which by design prevents man-in-the-middle attacks, utterly breaks local caching servers."
HTTPS  webperf  security  TLS  latency  network  cache  clevermarks 
6 weeks ago by nhoizey
why you should not suggest HTTP content negotiation as a solution to a problem
"The purpose of this page is to explain what's wrong with HTTP content negotiation and why you should not suggest HTTP content negotiation as a solution to a problem."
HTTP  contentNegociation  multilinguism  contentType  AcceptLanguage  Accept  header  clevermarks 
7 weeks ago by nhoizey
Differences between Designing Native iOS Apps and Native Android Apps
"To create the best native app design, you should bear in mind the differences between the iOS and Android platforms. These platforms differ not only in terms of what native applications look like; they also differ in terms of the structure and flow. You need to keep these differences in mind to provide the best user experience through the native application design."
iOS  Android  UX  UI  native  mobile  app  clevermarks 
7 weeks ago by nhoizey

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