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Licensed to Web
"Generally, I also wonder how realistic it is to expect licensing to help solve the issues we’re facing (and for the record, Mike never claims licensing will solve them). You don’t have to look far to find folks in all sorts of professions—cops, accountants, doctors—who are fully licensed and yet wreck terrible havoc. Licensing can help ensure a level of proficiency, but that’s not our problem. Our challenge is a matter of ethics, a matter of responsible consideration of the consequences of what we build. Skill does not equate to better ethics."
quality  license  ethics  Web  regulation  clevermarks 
4 days ago by nhoizey
Comment Rue du commerce optimise sa performance web... et son SEO
"Dans l'optique de faire progresser encore sa webperf, Rue du commerce compte actionner plusieurs autres leviers dans les mois qui viennent. Via l'outil TagCommander, le site marchand optimisera l'ordonnancement du chargement des tags et surtout supprimera ceux qui se révèlent inutiles et alourdissent les pages."
webperf  SEO  thirdParty  TagCommander  clevermarks 
5 days ago by nhoizey
Cloudinary Delivers Seamless Image and Video Management to eZ Platform Customers
"Developers leveraging eZ’s open source Content Management Platform, eZ Platform, can now use Cloudinary's award-winning solution to deliver more responsive websites and applications that improve customer engagement."
Cloudinary  eZPlatform  RWD  image  clevermarks 
7 days ago by nhoizey
The original proposal of the WWW
"This document was an attempt to persuade CERN management that a global hypertext system was in CERN's interests. Note that the only name I had for it at this time was "Mesh" -- I decided on "World Wide Web" when writing the code in 1990."
www  Web  WorldWideWeb  TimBernersLee  origin  history  clevermarks 
8 days ago by nhoizey
Inside Google’s plan to make the whole web as fast as AMP
Can the most contentious piece of the web form the basis of a new standard?
AMP  Google  standard  clevermarks 
12 days ago by nhoizey
New Samsung Internet Beta, Introduces Protected Browsing!
"When we detect a Web App such as Starbucks (below) we show the ‘Add to homescreen’ button to allow users to install the Web App instantly with a single tap."
PWA  homescreen  installation  button  UX  clevermarks  SamsungInternet 
12 days ago by nhoizey
How I Built Emojitracker
"Emojitracker wasn’t my first megaproject, but it is definitely the most complex architecturally."
emoji  Twitter  streaming  API  ServerSentEvents  Web  architecture  Redis  Ruby  clevermarks  Heroku 
12 days ago by nhoizey
"This is how you order food in China now: scan the QR code…" /via @bonbonking
"This is how you order food in China now: scan the QR code with WeChat, order, pay with your WeChat wallet. Servers are checking on WeChat for order detail. Then you are served! Restaurant owners rely solely on WeChat and its app ecosystem to achieve this. #omg"
QRCode  restaurant  food  China  WeChat  wallet  commerce  clevermarks 
13 days ago by nhoizey
Financial Times increases engagement with personalisation, speed
"Through a rough a series of A/B tests, we slowed the site down to see how site speed correlates to loss of engagement and revenue. Test results showed that for every one second increase in speed, our engagement score increased by 5%. In subscription and ads inventory, this translates into millions in revenue. Speed therefore became a principal element of the site."
webperf  FinancialTimes  clevermarks  news  media  revenue 
14 days ago by nhoizey
Your Analytics Lies to You
"It is common for my clients to focus their attention on flagship devices from Apple and Samsung, “because all of our customers have them”. Unfortunately your analytics is coming up short again. For one, GA will group all iPhone models into a homogenous ‘iPhone’ device; it does the same with iPads. How can you develop a solid device lab when you don’t know which of the eleven iPhone models generate the most traffic?"
GoogleAnalytics  analytics  browser  marketshare  clevermarks 
14 days ago by nhoizey
Your site without JavaScript
"There are plenty of reasons why the presence of script (what it does, how it works, and how heavy it is) needs to be considered a little more thoughtfully."
JavaScript  nojs  webperf  clevermarks 
14 days ago by nhoizey
Introducing a New Format for Evolving Stories – The Guardian Mobile Innovation Lab
"It’s become almost impossible to stay up to date on the latest developments in the most recent ongoing news stories. But what if there was a smarter way of getting the latest news in an ongoing, incrementally developing topic?"
TheGuardian  smarticle  article  mobile  clevermarks  media  news 
14 days ago by nhoizey
RIP Redux: Dan Abramov announces future fetcher API
"While Redux is still a valid concept it is simply too complex for the most commonly built web applications. The terminology derived from functional programming with words like reducers, dispatchers and more also lead to a high learning curve for newcomers. The concepts are clear to those with a Computer Science (CS) educational background, but since the large mass web developers come mostly outside of this arena it is a hindrance."
React  Redux  clevermarks  state 
14 days ago by nhoizey
Android Oreo (Go Edition) will bring Progressive Web Apps (PWA) to the masses in 2018
"Now in early 2018 it seems that PWAs will only gain momentum as cheap and capable devices storm to markets like India, China and Vietnam. In these markets PWAs are already widely deployed by companies like India's eCommerce giant Flipkart having providing great references"
Android  PWA  clevermarks  mobile  AndroidGo 
14 days ago by nhoizey
Bringing the real world to your browser with CloseBy in Samsung Internet
"Now we are bringing the Physical Web to Samsung’s web browser, Samsung Internet. There is no need for a separate app download; it’s an extension provided directly with the browser, called CloseBy."
Samsung  SamsungInternet  physicalWeb  beacon  proximity  clevermarks 
25 days ago by nhoizey
It’s NOT OK to Still Use Angular 1 in 2018
"I wrote a post 8 months ago titled It’s OK to Still Use Angular 1 in 2017. There are still a lot of companies using Angular 1 in legacy products and it is OK. That being said, some of the arguments that I made in my last post no longer seem valid. I wanted to set the record straight and encourage Angular 1 users to begin planning to transition to a newer tech."
AngularJS  framework  JavaScript  Web  clevermarks 
26 days ago by nhoizey
Stable AngularJS and Long Term Support
"AngularJS is planning one more significant release, version 1.7, and on July 1, 2018 it will enter a 3 year Long Term Support period."
AngularJS  LTS  support  Web  framework  clevermarks  JavaScript 
26 days ago by nhoizey
Why availability matters
"It's not 1% of people who always can't see your site and 99% of people who always can. It's 1% of visits. Almost all the people who don't get your site correctly actually should have been able to. They don't have JavaScript turned off. They're not browsing on a WAP phone over a 2g connection from a shanty town. They're you, in a cellar bar or a hotel room or waiting for the phone network to wake back up."
availability  resilience  offline  noJS  progressiveEnhancement  clevermarks 
27 days ago by nhoizey

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