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GET 1% BETTER EVERY DAY - The Proven Way to Achieve Your Goals - YouTube
true behavior change is identity change

your outcomes are a lagging measure of habits


every action you take is a vote for the person you want to become
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12 days ago by bekishore
How To Reset Service Indicator Light on a Volkswagen Simple Easy Steps - YouTube
Ignition off
Hold RHS dash button in
Turn ignition on
Turn LHS dash button to the right
Turn ignition off and on again, warning should be gone.
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4 weeks ago by theskett
Favorite: I never get tired of the blue sky, by petrapetruta
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6 weeks ago by pauljacobson
How To Clear PAST KARMAS?: BK Shivani at Silicon Valley, Milpitas (English) - YouTube
1. i am sorry for what i have done in the past for you - i donot remember -
> i forgive you for what you are doing today to me
3. i send my love etc
karma  bkshivani  howto  how2  how  to  clear  past  karmas  0 
12 weeks ago by bekishore

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