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Red Robin Evacuated In Woburn After Chemical Incident – CBS Boston
WOBURN (CBS) – A Red Robin restaurant in Woburn was evacuated Tuesday after an apparent chemical reaction involving cleaning materials in the kitchen. At least three people were taken to the hospital as a precaution.

The incident happened at about 4:30 p.m. “Immediately after the reaction occurred, the restaurant’s manager on duty evacuated all Team Members and Guests from the restaurant and called 911,” a spokesperson for Red Robin said in a statement.

The three people who were taken to the hospital were employees of the restaurant. All customers were able to get out of the building safely.

Hazmat team prepares to enter Red Robin in Woburn after chemical incident (Image credit Nick Emmons/WBZ)

Woburn firefighters say workers in the kitchen accidentally mixed the chemicals, causing some kind of reaction.

“All I do know is that it was a cleaning agent, we don’t have specifics on what particular cleaning agent it was,” Woburn Fire Chief Stephen Adgate said. “We did transport three individuals that were employees of the business over to one of the local hospitals only as a precaution.”
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Accidental mix of bleach and acid kills Buffalo Wild Wings employee
You should never mix bleach with anything, but that’s what happened during an accident at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Burlington, Massachusetts, on the evening of Nov. 7. According to Burlington Fire Department assistant chief Michael Patterson, an employee spilled the cleaner Scale Kleen on the floor. Later, another employee started to clean the floor with another cleaner called Super 8. The mixture turned green and started bubbling. The bubbling puddle emitted fumes, driving employees and customers to evacuate the restaurant. The manager, 32-year-old Ryan Baldera, attempted to clean up the liquid and was overcome by the fumes. He died later at the hospital, states a Burlington Fire Department press release.

According to safety data sheets, Super 8 is a mixture of 8–10% sodium hypochlorite in water, stronger than household bleach. Scale Kleen contains 22–28% phosphoric acid, 18–23% nitric acid, and less than 1% urea. Generally, strong cleaners like these are used in businesses, but some may be available to the public. Mixing bleach and acid gives off chlorine gas, says Neal Langerman, CEO and principal scientist at Advanced Chemical Safety. The reaction is “well-known, simple, instantaneous,” he says. “The green bubbles give it away.”

Chlorine gas is a chemical warfare agent introduced during World War I and is still used in conflicts in the Middle East, Langerman says. When chlorine gas hits the moisture in a victim’s lungs, it generates bleach, which is a strongly corrosive alkaline mixture. “ ‘Dissolves’ is a pretty apt description of what high alkalinity does to tissue,” Langerman says. The cause of death tends to be chemical pneumonia. “The victim’s lungs cease being able to move gases and fill with liquid,” Langerman adds. “The medical staff would just see their patient going south with their lungs filling with liquid that they can’t keep empty. At some point, a pressure respirator just can’t compete with damage that’s done.”
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1 dead, several ill after chemical accident at Buffalo Wild Wings in Massachusetts
One person was killed and 10 other people were sickened in a chemical accident at a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant Thursday in Burlington, Massachusetts, authorities said.

A restaurant employee was rushed to a hospital after being exposed to sodium hypochlorite, a powerful cleaning agent, and died shortly thereafter, Michael Patterson, assistant chief of the Burlington Fire Department, told reporters Thursday night. The worker told firefighters who arrived on the scene that he was feeling nauseated after breathing in fumes.

"Anyone who was in the restaurant at the time and believes they may be impacted by the incident should seek medical treatment immediately," the fire department said in a statement.

Two customers and eight other employees were treated at hospitals, Patterson said. They were believed to have not been seriously stricken, he said.

"What we believe happened is a worker at Buffalo Wild Wings used a cleaning agent on the floor. The cleaning agent is Super 8. The chemical definition or chemical identification is sodium hypochlorite," Patterson said. "What sodium hypochlorite is a high concentration of chlorine."
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Firefighters: ‘I’ve Never Seen a Spontaneous Combustion Fire Like This’
LAKE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Firefighters in Lake Ariel say they've never seen anything like the fire that destroyed a restaurant and some apartments last week.

It was caused by spontaneous combustion after clothes with kitchen grease and a kitchen cleaning chemical on them were taken out of the dryer.

Once inside Liberty Restaurant on Friday morning, firefighters say it was well over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

The fire started in an apartment above the restaurant. Firefighters say clothes that still had kitchen grease and a kitchen cleaning chemical on them were taken out of the dryer and piled into a laundry basket. With little air in the laundry basket, firefighters say there was spontaneous combustion.

"Basically it just gets warmer and warmer and hotter and hotter and then all of a sudden it just ignites," Deputy Fire Chief of Lake Ariel Volunteer Fire Department Christopher DiPierro said.
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Lodi Bus Rider, 69, Injured By Chemical, Authorities Say
bus passenger in Lodi had to hospitalized after she sat on what responders said was drain cleaner.

The 69-year-old New York woman boarded the 164 bus near the corner of Essex Street and Maywood Avenue around 2:20 p.m. Sunday, sat down and immediately notified the driver of an injury, authorities said.

Apparently “some type of liquid” on the seat “was causing a reaction on her leg,” NJ Transit’s Jim Smith said.

A Bergen County Hazardous Materials unit determined that the substance was drain cleaner, responders said.
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3 hospitalized after being sickened by chemical reaction at Fox River Grove restaurant
A HazMat team responded and three people were hospitalized after cleaning chemicals were poured down a drain inside Brunch Cafe in Fox River Grove Monday afternoon.

The Fox River Grove Fire Protection District responded around 12:10 p.m. Monday to the Brunch Cafe, 935 Route 22, for a report of a hazardous conditions call.

Fox River Grove Deputy Fire Chief Eldee Jackson said that the restaurant was evacuated and patients were evaluated by paramedics.

Cleaning chemicals were poured down the bathroom drains, causing fumes in the building, Jackson said. Three people, believed to be employees of the restaurant, were having trouble breathing and ambulances transported them to a local hospital.
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Salem Holiday Inn evacuated after chemical fumes sickens three
SALEM — The Salem Fire Department evacuated the 109-room Holiday Inn at 1 Keewaydin Drive in Salem Friday afternoon after people in the building fell ill from chemical fumes.

Battalion Chief Craig Lemire said the fumes originated in the indoor pool area after maintenance workers mixed hydrochloric acid with chlorine, apparently in a mistaken attempt to prepare the pool cleaning chemicals.

Lemire said one maintenance worker became sick along with two restaurant workers in a Margaritas Mexican Restaurant located in the floor above the pool after the fumes wafted through the ventilation system.

“The main health risk would be inhalation hazards; nausea, vomiting, exactly what they had,” Lemire said.
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Acidic reaction to cleaning products at resort causes 10 to be sent to hospital
ISLAND PARK — Ten people were taken to the hospital after being exposed to a substance at the Sawtelle Mountain Resort Thursday.

Multiple EMS, fire and law enforcement personnel responded to the resort after receiving a call that several people were ill, according to a Fremont County Sheriff’s Office news release.

Seven employees and three guests were taken to Madison Memorial Hospital but have been released, Sawtelle Mountain Resort controller Steve “Dutch” Dutcher tells

Investigators determined there was an acidic reaction to cleaning products in the housekeeper’s sink that caused the victims to become sick, Dutcher says.
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Workers at Big Government Lab Sue Over Exposure to a Toxic Chemical
UPTON, N.Y. — As a technician at Brookhaven National Laboratory, one of the nation’s most prestigious science labs, Joseph Marino’s job in the late 1990s and early 2000s was to clean and maintain the supercomputers that have helped researchers unlock some of the world’s biggest scientific and medical mysteries. He polished copper connectors, he said, until “they reminded you of gold.”

One of the cleaning fluids he used while wiping the machines by hand over the years was trichloroethylene, or TCE, a toxic degreaser that the Trump administration has targeted as part of its broad effort to weaken regulations on chemicals. TCE is still widely used by dry cleaners as a stain remover and by factories as a degreaser.

Mr. Marino, who later lost a kidney to cancer, is now suing the operators of the Department of Energy lab for $25 million over exposure to TCE, alleging that they negligently supplied the cleaner to him and many other workers there without warnings or protections. He is also suing Dow Chemical and Zep, alleging that they made and sold the chemical without adequate safety warnings.
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Investigation launched after 11 fall ill from carpet cleaner
AN INVESTIGATION has been launched after 11 people suffered breathing difficulties, dizziness and sickness at a Christchurch office on Monday.

Firefighters declared a 'hazmat incident' after the casualties reported problems at Sovereign Housing Association in Grange Road just after 9.25am.

However, it was later discovered that carpet cleaning products were behind the chemical scare. The block was given a deep clean during the weekend.

Now officials have confirmed a probe into the incident is set to begin
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Eleven treated for breathing problems after Christchurch incident
CARPET cleaning products are behind a chemical scare which led to 11 people being treated in Christchurch on Monday.

Casualties complained of breathing difficulties, dizziness and sickness after a spring clean at an address over the weekend.

Fire crews and paramedics rushed to a Sovereign Housing Association property in Grange Road just after 9.25am.

A spokesperson from the Dorset fire service said two fire crews were sent to a 'hazmat incident'.

"Fire crews attended along with the ambulance service," the spokesperson said.

"Two engines from Christchurch went to the scene, as well as a hazardous materials officer."

Earlier today, the spokesperson said the incident involved "unknown chemicals". However, it has now been clarified that cleaning chemicals were responsible.
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SAFD says no danger from small chemical spill at local business
SAN ANTONIO — San Antonio firefighters were called to the scene of a small chemical spill in the 6800 block of Fairgrounds Parkway at noon Friday.

According to SAFD, crews arrived on the scene and discovered that a cleaning products business had a spill of less than 20 gallons of some type of acid that is used in their cleaning products.

When it came in contact with the concrete, it had a reaction that caused fumes to emit.

Everyone was evacuated out of the building in an abundance of caution.
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Stores Evacuated Following Chemical Spill in Downtown Ocean City
Nearby stores were evacuated as a precaution Tuesday during the cleanup of a chemical spill on the 700 block of West and Asbury avenues in downtown Ocean City. 

At about 11:45 a.m., a delivery driver reported that the chemicals sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite had spilled from the back of his truck, city spokesman Doug Bergen said. Those chemicals are caustic substances used as drain cleaners and water disinfectants. 

Because of risks associated with direct contact with the chemicals and with breathing fumes from them, nearby businesses were evacuated while cleanup was done by the Cape May County Hazmat Unit, Bergen said. 
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Hazmat Call Hospitalizes 11 Boston Firefighters
Eleven firefighters and one resident were hospitalized after the Boston Fire Department responded to the South End for a level 3 hazmat Friday afternoon, reported NECN.

Noxious fumes reported at 1740 Washington St. were caused by a mixture of cleaning solutions, according to Boston Fire Department spokesman Brian Alkin.

The Boston Fire Department responded to a level 3 hazmat in the South End on July 19.

Occupants of the five-story rooming house were evacuated from the building around 12:15 p.m. Friday while officials used special monitoring devices to determine the cause of the odor.

Boston Fire, Police and EMS reported to the location. Alkin said Washington Street was temporarily closed.
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Chemical Cleaner Accident Affects Two Employees At Red Pine Lodge
Two cleaning employees at Park City Mountain Resort’s Red Pine Lodge were transported to the University of Utah burn unit Monday morning, after a chemical cleaner spilled. 

Park City Fire District spokesperson Tricia Hurd Hazelrigg says the department responded to a call from the Red Pine Lodge at the Canyons Resort when an employee misused a container of drain cleaner in pellet form.

“They added water, which is what you would do normally, but once it's in the drain with a measured amount," Hurd Hazelrigg said. "They took the jug, and added the water to the jug and then shook it up.”

When the employee noticed the container swelling, people in the area were notified and evacuated, except for the person who mixed the container and one other employee. The first employee attempted to remove the lid to relieve pressure, but the contents of the container spewed, and the container ruptured, spilling chemicals on the two employees and on the walls of the surrounding area. Hurd Hazelrigg says the patients’ breathing was affected by the chemical; one patient’s eyes were affected; and one of them was burned on the arm and torso.
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