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How Canopies Benefit Schools
Canopies are excellent because they give students the chance to learn and play outdoors in a secure and safe environment. A canopy not only blocks rain and wind but it helps to protect your pupils from sun damage.
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Sometimes a Quieter Classroom Is Actually the Answer - John Spencer
Quiet is necessary for collaboration: This sounds simple but it’s easy to overlook. Students need to be able to hear themselves when they work together. Whether it’s a pair-share or a brainstorm, students need to be able to communicate at a natural speaking voice and listen without distraction.
Quiet is necessary for deep work: I often spend hours working on a single project. In these moments, I hit a state of flow, where I tune out all distractions and enter a point of hyperfocus. But this often begins by working in a quiet house or the white noise. Yet, even when I’m in the zone, a doorbell will pull me away. Now imagine yourself as a student working on a project. You’re in a state of hyperfocus until the intercom beeps. If we want students to engage in deep work, they need to have spaces of quiet. Note that it doesn’t need to be silent. Some people thrive in white noise of a coffee shop. However, even then, they’re working in a space with fewer audio distractions.
Quiet is necessary for introspection: Just as every student benefits from cooperative learning, every student also benefits from reflection. But this is challenging in spaces of noise pollution. We often hear about the need for mindfulness in school – and that’s certainly a positive thing. But we also need moments of silence built into our lessons.
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Created with while keeping “ease of use” and “simplicity” in mind, a new age clicker solution to help yo…
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Recently started and I love it! 💖 So relaxing and creative!

It's like creating displays o…
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Did you know that are the most important factor in a for influencing student success? 🍎…
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If we are not engaging our in the , they’ll drift! ☁️This is what I do.✌️ What do you do differ…
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35 Cheap And Ingenious Ways To Have The Best Classroom Ever
You'll wish you knew about these organization and decoration ideas sooner.
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12 days ago by riotryan
4 Classroom Design Strategies to Boost Student Engagement
Here are 4 classroom design strategies to boost student engagement and help your students make the most of the next school year.
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