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christina vantzou
Christina Vantzou is a Missouri native of Greek descent who resides in Brussels, Belgium. A composer
& experimental filmmaker, she works with space, sound, and image on a level of curiosity and refinement. Over the course of fifteen years she has built an audiovisual language very much her own. Vantzou has composed and released four albums of ambient-classical music on Kranky and has developed a form of graphic musical notation influenced by abstract minimalists. Her many collaborations have included performing with Mark Linkous (Sparklehorse), co-founding The Dead Texan, creating abstract films for renowned musical artists, and performing with ensembles across 4 continents.
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4 days ago by andyhuey
Piano Sonata no. 21 in B-flat major, D. 960 - Free sheet music
Download Piano Sonata no. 21 in B-flat major, D. 960 by Franz Schubert for free from
classical  sheet  music  history  reference 
12 days ago by asaltydog
BBC Radio 3 - Record Review, Schubert: Piano Sonata in B flat, D960
Building a Library explores recordings of Schubert's Piano Sonata in B flat D960.
bbc  radio  classical  music  library  audio  hifi  history  review  guide 
12 days ago by asaltydog
RT : - My radio show is officially trending - Number 10 on the Mixcloud charts!…
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17 days ago by jordanrssmith
Musopen - Free sheet music, royalty free music, and public domain resources.
We provide recordings, sheet music, and textbooks to the public for free, without copyright restrictions. Put simply, our mission is to set music free.
archive  classical  Music 
19 days ago by ftofani
The music industry sells classical as soothing background music — robbing a great art of its power. - The Washington Post
The music industry sells classical as soothing background music — robbing a great art of its power.
esp  classical  music  soothing  background  robbing  power  art 
27 days ago by gdw
Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata but the bass is a bar late, and the melody is a bar early
Musician Isaac Schankler performed Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata by delaying the bass for one bar, and playing the melody one bar earlier than usual.
beethoven  classical  music  piano 
28 days ago by terry

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