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甫一开始听巴赫大无的日子,应该是我最初接触古典音乐的那段时间。 via Pocket
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kleiber门徒 via Pocket
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微信号 iMusense 功能介绍 音乐之友,和音乐做朋友。 在特殊的地方参加音乐节,岂能没有 via Pocket
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Edison Fellowships | Projects | The British Library - The British Library
The Edison Fellowships are designed to encourage scholarship devoted to the history of recordings of classical music and music in performance through creating the conditions for concentrated use of the Library's collections of recordings.
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Music - The British Library
The British Library has a world-famous collection of printed and manuscript music, music recordings, concert programmes and books and periodicals on music.
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Faking it – the great unmentionable of orchestral playing | Focus | The Strad
"Several musicians on several continents mentioned how impossible it is to practise faking without the orchestral sweep around them. Some principal players recommended soaking oneself in the surrounding harmony as essential to good faking, with one UK cellist stressing that skilful faking was integral to the ‘not drawing undue attention to oneself ’ part of being a solid orchestral musician. An American friend swore by years of attention to various studies, while a German violinist (still more impressively) urged the necessity of studying the complete orchestral score, in order to fake with conviction. A few fiddle players complained that Wagner is a doddle compared to the long, exposed bows required in the slow movement of Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto. There is also a widespread sense of annoyance that it is so often the way the pieces ‘lie’ on the instrument that causes the difficulty, though it is not deemed acceptable to fake just because you haven’t practised.

Many string players emphasise that good faking is an essential facet of really good sightreading, involving as it does that certain modest recognition that one’s personal genius must be sublimated to the good of the whole. Meanwhile, a player in a famous American orchestra, who cut his finger on an anchovy can and was thus obliged to fake perfectly playable bits of one concert, spoke with humility of realising how marvellous his orchestra sounded without him!"
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Teenager Finds Classical Alternative to Quantum Recommendation Algorithm | Quanta Magazine
18-year-old Ewin Tang has proven that classical computers can solve the “recommendation problem” nearly as fast as quantum computers. The result eliminates one of the best examples of quantum speedup.
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The Bodhi Trio
pioneers Mindfulness-Based performance. Throughout their dynamic interpretations, the trio invites its audiences
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