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西德无字银圈版:这是最早发行的唱片,碟面是Made in West Germany by PolyGram。   西德PDO银圈版:后来Polygram把他们在西德Hanover厂卖给了PDO (Philips and DuPont Optical,是Philips and DuPont共同持权的公司)。以后生产的碟片改成了. via Pocket
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Soft Verdict, Bresque
From "Struggle for Pleasure" (1983)
Label: Les Disques Du Crépuscule

Group set up by Belgian composer and musician Wim Mertens.
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5 Minutes That Will Make You Love Classical Music - The New York Times
We asked some of our favorite artists to tell us about the sounds they cherish. Listen to their choices.
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BBC to release much of classical music back catalogue to public
Speaking on Thursday at the launch of the BBC’s Our Classical Century, a year-long celebration of music programming, Tony Hall is planning to unveil an initiative to make key works in one of the largest publicly owned music archives in the world available on demand.
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14 days ago by terry
Chilly Gonzales breaks down the essence of music
I want my music to be recognised, to be well-known; I want people to have an emotional relationship with it; I want it to mean something to them. But I care less and less if they project onto the person who made it.
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ѩƷ - ʩεº¹Сѧɵʦ [Soomal]
奥地利小提琴家沃尔夫冈・施奈德汉2002年以88岁高龄去世,他的录音大多集中在DG,LP时代数量较多,CD时代却未给予应有重视,以至于我的零星收藏大部分来自日本的再版,不过音响效果的处理显然比现在的“原版大师”套装 via Pocket
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微信号 iMoread 功能介绍 轻思考 微幽默 1.点击上方蓝字“iMorning”订阅;2. via Pocket
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