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Peter Nicks: The Force | Scheer Intelligence | KCRW
This is an excellent interview where the filmmaker makes some rare critical comments about the failures going on in society in terms of poverty-stricken high crime areas, urban school failures and the realities of not fooling ourselves with rare success stories that cannot be scaled. These success stories are rare for reasons. We need massive systemic transformations in investing in people.

We have normalized and adjusted to things in society—through segregation and punishment of poverty and dysfunctional or antisocial criminal behavior that is learned as a survival strategy—that are not normal and are highly problematic. Things will only get more desperate and dangerous if we do not decide to invest in people and try to provide opportunities to bring out the best in people.
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Set - JavaScript | MDN
Set objects are collections of values.
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Worker abuse is rampant, and sexual harassment is just the start.
I wrote about this case in my book This Land is Their Land, where a sales company would motivate their employees by spanking both men and women who didn’t meet their quotas. They’d stand them up at the front of a room and use a giant ruler. And it was brought to court by a woman, but it was decided this wasn’t sexual harassment because it was happening to both men and women.
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How to Install Node.js and NPM on a Mac
how to install node and NPM on a mac to run javascript programs
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Healthy Lifestyles Initiative | EverThrive Illinois
Community health empowerment agency includes Cooking Matters courses
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Tax Plan Aims to Slay a Reagan Target: The Government Beast - The New York Times
But there is more strategic vision than is immediately evident. The plan to starve the beast of government by depriving it of money, it seems, is back in the saddle. This time around it might succeed where Reagan failed: Barring taxpayers from deducting state and local income taxes and limiting the property taxes they can deduct on their federal returns, the Republican bills could, for the first time, force high-tax states run by Democrats to capitulate.
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