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Brexit is showing the urban middle classes the real Britain | openDemocracy
Welcome to reality

If you speak to any black person in London, they will tell you their stories of living in a metropolis with an institutionally racist police force. If you look at money laundering in the UK – so common that the world’s leading mafia expert has called it “the most corrupt country on earth” – or if you consider the failure to arrest any major player in the financial crisis of 2008, then it should be obvious how the British police internalise, reproduce and reinforce the larger power structures in the country.

Read, for example, the detailed coverage of the death of Rashan Charles as reported by my colleagues Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi and Clare Sambrook. It should come as no surprise that the institution at whose hands this young man died has been somewhat lax in investigating powerful, well-funded, predominantly white and right-wing groups led by people like Arron Banks.

Why would we imagine that a law enforcement system which is nine times more likely to jail young black men than young white men would want to pour resources into investigating the leaders of campaigns that smeared the internet with racist messages?

But here’s the thing. Many people in the country haven’t had the misfortune of examining our national institutions up close in recent years. If you’re urban, white and doing all right, the Met aren’t hassling your son for being black and in possession of a pair of shoes. What’s more, you aren’t brutalised every week by the reality of universal credit. And – normally – neither you nor your near relatives spent your late teens in the deserts of Iraq realising you’d been sent off to kill and die for a lie.
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The Dream Hoarders: How America's Top 20 Percent Perpetuates Inequality | Boston Review
"the real class divide is not between the upper class and the upper middle class: it is between the upper middle class and everyone else"
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Although this is about "Flocking" it has a lot of very useful information on how to design Classes and Objects with JavaScript
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Opinion | Stop Pretending You’re Not Rich - The New York Times
I think this paraphrased quote from the article sums up: "at least posh people in Britain had the decency to feel guilty"

Touching on some aspects like the meritocracy myth
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Online Classes by Skillshare | Start for Free Today
Skillshare is a learning platform with online classes taught by the world's best practitioners. Personalized, on-demand learning in design, photography, and more.
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Kenneth Olisa: ‘To improve social mobility, we need to raise children’s aspirations’ | Society | The Guardian - As the rich get richer, why don’t British people care about inequality? - The solution is to invest in social wealth - The danger is that the paradox of wealth inequality becomes self-reinforcing: as wealth at the top increases, the likelihood of redistributive reform decreases. The reason is that high levels of wealth inequality bias the democratic process. Martin Gilens has documented definitively the “elite economic domination” of American politics. But similar concerns about the unequal influence of the new aristocracy have been raised in Britain.
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