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Refracting Light, by elandrialore
Slash. "When Clark goes to see Lex after Unsafe to get their friendship back on track, he finds more than he was expecting."
Smallville  Genre.Slash  Rated.PG-13  Clark.Kent  Lex.Luthor  Chloe.Sullivan  Lois.Lane  Martha.Kent  Clark.Kent/Lex.Luthor  15000-19999.words 
may 2012 by settiai
runpunkrun - Q.E.D.
The next morning, Clark had come to terms with his new gayness. He'd decided it wasn't anything a little repression couldn't cure.
smallville  clark.kent/lex.luthor  runpunkrun 
september 2011 by silentfire
jjtaylor - The Love of Destiny
Clark passes by the front window display of the Barnes and Noble. One book catches his eye, arranged in front of an enormous poster of its cover. There are two men, one in an expensive suit and one in jeans and a flannel, embracing in a dramatic way in front of a red barn. The Love of Destiny, Clark reads. It takes him a few long moments to process the rest of it. Written by Lex Luthor.
smallville  clark.kent/lex.luthor  jjtaylor  postcanon 
september 2011 by silentfire
belmanoir - Untitled Clark/Lex domesticity
"Don't underestimate Peter Facinelli," Lex said. "I respect his commitmemt. Anything worth doing is worth doing well."

"Anything worth doing is worth doing at superspeed," Clark corrected, laughing.

"Don't laugh. A man who values his goal more than his dignity is rare."

Clark grinned. "You know, I'm glad to hear you say that, because when I propose I plan to make as big a fool of myself as possible."
smallville  clark.kent/lex.luthor  belmanoir  au  schmoop  wc:<1000 
september 2011 by silentfire
Moving On
What you do when there are no more worlds to conquer.
Shalott  Fanfiction  smallville  dcu  Clark.Kent/Lex.Luthor   
september 2011 by effex
Lex can't let the Cassandra thing go.
Smallville  AU  Clark.Kent/Lex.Luthor  the.Spike 
september 2011 by effex
one step forward... - fic: those wacky billionaires
"Billionaire looks," Clark said, gesturing covertly. "With his eyes going up and down and then focusing on my eyes, and the little smile. It's how billionaires look at people."
Smallville  DCU  Fanfiction  Xparrot  Clark.Kent/Lex.Luthor 
september 2011 by effex
one step forward... - fic: A Constant Struggle, 1/2
Robert and his boys are invited over to family dinner with Lex Luthor and three generations of Kents. Sequel to According to Plan.
Crossover  DCU  Smallville  Static.Shock  Clark.Kent/Lex.Luthor  Virgil.Hawkins/Richie.Foley  Xparrot 
september 2011 by effex
one step forward... - According to Plan - sv/ss fic, part 1 (links to other parts)
No way I'm going back through this for the perfect line/summery (well, now, anyway. Bets are I'll do it later), but it's an amazing fic and has *Virgil/Richie,* which there's never enough of.
Crossover  Smallville  DCU  Static.Shock  Clark.Kent/Lex.Luthor  Virgil.Hawkins/Richie.Foley  Xparrot 
september 2011 by effex

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