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bewaretheides15: Left In Life's Best Bloom
Why is there a bald teenager wearing Lex Luthor’s clothes lying in the middle of the parking lot?

AKA Lex gets deaged by a meteor rock explosion, loses his memory, and promptly seduces Clark. As one does. Very hot, with a smart, adorkable Clark voice.
fic  smallville  dcu  slash  clark/lex  au  amnesia  smut  <15K  +2016-10 
4 weeks ago by spatz
rivkat: Skin Deep
"No," the computer said. (Clark knew that calling it a computer was like calling Lex a small businessman, but he didn't have a better term.) "Your destiny demands that you exercise dominion over this planet. Your refusal demonstrates your unfitness for Kryptonian manhood."

"Manhood? Okay, first, that's - that's discrimination!" Clark protested. "That's like saying that being a girl is punishment."
fic  smallville  dcu  slash  clark/lex  smut  au  genderswap  identityporn  <30K  +2011-01 
4 weeks ago by spatz
May Your Days Be
Clark decides that Lex isn't evil anymore and that the two of them should be friends again. Predictably, Lex objects, though he's not doing a very convincing job of of it. Things escalate rather quickly from there.
Clark/Lex  Smallville  Humor  Angst  Romance  PG13  M/M 
9 weeks ago by Logical-Nonsense
Flawless Victory
"It was 4:42 on a Friday afternoon in mid-March when Clark suddenly figured out how to defeat Lex Luthor once and for all."
M/M  Clark/Lex  Smallville  NC17  Humor 
9 weeks ago by Logical-Nonsense
Moving On
What you do when there are no more worlds to conquer.
Clark/Lex  Smallville  FutureFic  Humor  M/M  R-Rated  AU 
9 weeks ago by Logical-Nonsense
Lost in Translation - by rivkat - Smallville
The baldness was so striking that Clark barely noticed anything else, other than that Lex wasn’t breathing, until well after he’d learned Lex’s name. Then he didn’t get a chance to look.

But Lex’s own questions wouldn’t wait long. They were standing in the barn side by side for the sunset, and Lex gestured at Clark’s forearm. “I recognize more graphemes than the average American does, but that’s unfamiliar.”

Clark hunched his shoulders. Lex was a lot more sophisticated than the kids at school, who mostly used his weird mark as a reason to tease him and not as an anomaly in need of explanation. “I don’t know,” he admitted.

Lex half-smiled. “Just another mystery surrounding Clark Kent,” he said, and Clark shivered.

“What about you?” he asked, desperate to change the subject.

Lex unbuttoned his shirt cuff and pushed his shirt and jacket up so that Clark could see the line of scar tissue, flattened and stretched with time. “My father had it removed when I was a young child,” he said. “He believes that a man has to make his own destiny.”
sv  au  clark/lex  soulmates  amnesia  rejection 
march 2019 by runpunkrun
Can’t Be - Lenore - Smallville [Archive of Our Own]
A different take on Exodus. The ship has other plans for Clark, and a hapless Lex gets caught in the middle.
smallville  clark/lex  mpreg 
march 2019 by unread
Divergence - Lanning - Smallville [Archive of Our Own]
First part of the Identical Series. Lex loses everything, and finds something better.
clark/lex  smallville 
march 2019 by unread
Useful Arts - rivkat - Smallville [Archive of Our Own]
Clark's Kryptonian heritage, like Lex, is rich and powerful. And, like Lex, not entirely predictable. Because this is essentially a sex pollen story, issues of consent follow. Also, Lex gets beaten up, though not by Clark.
clark/lex  smallville 
february 2019 by unread
The Wasteland - seperis - Smallville [Archive of Our Own]
After Lionel's death, Lex finds what he never thought to look for.
smallville  clark/lex 
february 2019 by unread
Q.E.D. by Punk
So, maybe there was a reason pretending to be gay wasn't such a stretch.
sv  clark/lex  runpunkrun  futurefic  university  first-time  wordcount:5.000-9.999 
february 2019 by tittakv
Never Here - Maygra - Smallville [Archive of Our Own]
Whatever Lex is looking for may be closer than he thinks.
clark/lex  smallville 
january 2019 by unread
rivkat: Locked Room Mystery (Smallville, Clark/Lex)
Smallville futurefic where President Luthor, due to threat of natural disaster, is stuck for hours with that annoyingly ethical reporter Clark Kent. Since Lex is smart and Clark is a crap liar, once they're alone in a room together, Lex figures out that Clark must know something about him pre-memory-loss. Basically, Lex is brilliant and there's loads of UST (or ST that gets resolved ;) but also suspicion or antagonism.
fic  smallville  clark/lex  futurefic  post-series  amnesia  via:exclamations 
january 2019 by elise.grey

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