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Lefsetz Letter » Blog Archive » White Room
...At this point Cream was gigantic, and it wasn’t that long thereafter that they said they were gonna break up. I’d bought “Disraeli Gears,” I loved “Tales Of Brave Ulysses.” And “SWLABR” and “Dance The Night Away.” And nearly a year after it was released, “Sunshine Of Your Love” crossed over from FM to AM and the band became ubiquitous. That’s what changed music, almost as much as the Beatles, FM. Kinda like Spotify, et al, today, they’re making short songs de rigueur, but the streaming services have only amplified the power of hip-hop so far, no new musical strand has emerged. And once something was on AM, the cat was out of the bag, singles and albums sold prodigiously. Acts could sell more tickets. Everybody knew who they were, in an era where AM radio reached everybody. Just like network TV, if it was on, it was known.
And in the fall of ’68, right after “Sunshine Of Your Love” was fading, Cream released “Wheels Of Fire.”
Now if you got in early, and I most certainly did, the album came with a silver foil cover. This was back when we were all collectors, when our albums meant something to us, when we thought they were forever. And on some level, they still are, what with the vinyl revival, but now on eBay you can find everything and life is all about access. If you find a collector, you find someone lost in the twentieth century...
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Yardbirds 101 - Goldmine Magazine
The year 1963 turned out to be an excellent one for English rock groups of note. With a few years under their belt, The Beatles were coiled to playfully pounce on the U.S. music scene, with historic implications in early 1964. The Rolling Stones came together in 1962 and were getting good traction, including having their sticky fingers on the impressive position of being the house band at the famed Crawdaddy Club in Richmond, Surrey, England. The Kinks and The Yardbirds, meanwhile, both formed in ’63.
The Yardbirds eventually replaced The Rolling Stones at the Crawdaddy. Drummer Jim McCarty was there from the beginning with The Yardbirds, a band that through their early years included, of course, guitar legends Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. The group went on to have several hit records in the ‘60s, including “Heart Full of Soul” (No. 9, 1965), “I’m a Man” (No. 17, 1965), “Shapes of Things,” (No. 11, 1966) and “Over Under Sideways Down” (No. 13, 1966), but their most successful tune was “For Your Love,” which reached the No. 6 position on the record charts in 1965.
The Yardbirds dispersed in many directions in 1968. The band enjoyed a brief semi-reunion in the early 1980s, with occasional help from Beck and Page. In 1992, McCarty helped bring backThe Yardbirds with original bassist/rhythm guitarist Chris Dreja (now retired). Original lead guitarist Top Topham returned to the group in 2013 and left the band earlier this year, so that meant McCarty remained as the only founding member of the revamped ‘60s band. In the latter part of 2015, McCarty and the latest Yardbirds incarnation are doing a U.S. tour.
Goldmine recently touched base with Jim McCarty as he prepped for his visit to the U.S.
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The Yardbirds: The Eric Clapton Years Part 4 - Goldmine Magazine
Clapton leaves
The year’s-end release of Five Live Yardbirds had coincided with The Yardbirds’ most prestigious outing yet. Earlier in 1964, the group toured as support to Billy J. Kramer And The Dakotas, one of the other Liverpudlian lights in Beatles manager Brian Epstein’s NEMS stable.
Epstein caught several of the shows and pronounced himself utterly bowled over by the opening act — so much so that, as he set about organising The Beatles’ Christmas concerts at the Hammersmith Odeon, he personally invited the Yardbirds onto the bill.
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A Short Guide to the Lesser-Known Guitars of Eric | Reverb News
Few players in the history of the instrument have inspired and influenced more players than Eric Clapton. Speaking to the true power of his influence, he’s also one of the most polarizing players to ever pick up the instrument.
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10 Things We Learned From 'Eric Clapton: Life in 12 Bars' Doc - Rolling Stone
Lili Fini Zanuck's documentary Eric Clapton: Life in 12 Bars follows the guitarist as he pursues a single-minded mission to raise the profile of the blues in popular culture.
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Unholy Reliquary: Eric Clapton [1978.03.24] World Tour 1978 (ECR-005) [SBD]
Eric Clapton
World Tour 1978
(1993 EC Rarities : ECR-005)
The Coliseum
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
Friday March 24th, 1978
Soundboard Recording
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
Track List: (Alt. Artwork Included)
Disc 1:                     
01 The Core                   
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Tight But Loose » Blog Archive » ERIC CLAPTON A LIFE IN 12 BARS
Eric Clapton Life In 12 Bars – directed by Lili Fini Zanuck.
Vue Cinema -Bedford January 10, 2018:
I had read recently that this film was about to premiere – by chance I saw it mentioned on the Planet Rock website. The official London South Bank premiere was to be streamed to cinemas across the UK – and the Bedford Vue cinema was one of them.
Having seen some of the trailers and read a review, I knew this was going to be a fairly comprehensive overview of Eric’s career…However,I was certainly not prepared for what I witnessed.
Firstly some words about me and Eric. I’ve loved his music since I was 12 years old. One of the first albums I ever purchased was Cream’s Fresh Cream. For a while in 1969, before I heard Whole Lotta Love, Eric Clapton was my favourite guitarist, Jack Bruce my favourite bassist and Ginger Baker my favourite drummer.
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Eric Clapton: Life in 12 Bars (2017) | Official Trailer | SHOWTIME Documentary - YouTube
Published on Sep 7, 2017
Eric Clapton: Life in 12 Bars, directed by Oscar-winner Lili Fini Zanuck (Rush, Driving Miss Daisy), is an unflinching and deeply personal look into the life of legendary 18-time Grammy winner Eric Clapton. SHOWTIME documentary films to world premiere Eric Clapton: Life in 12 Bars at 2017 Toronto International Film Festival. Following the debut at TIFF, the documentary will premiere on SHOWTIME February 10th at 8pm ET/PT.
Told through his own words and songs, ERIC CLAPTON: LIFE IN 12 BARS is a moving and surprising film about one of the great artists of the modern era — a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award winner, and the only artist ever inducted three times into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Spanning more than half a century of legendary popular musical innovation, the film contextualizes Eric Clapton’s role in contemporary music and cultural history. This rare and deeply intimate film reflects on Clapton’s traumatic childhood, his long and difficult struggle with drugs and alcohol and the tragic loss of his son and how he always found his inner strength and healing in music. The documentary features extensive interviews with Clapton himself, along with his family, friends, musical collaborators, contemporaries and heroes – including late music icons B.B. King, Jimi Hendrix and George Harrison. The film is directed by Oscar-winner Lili Fini Zanuck with Passion Pictures’ John Battsek (One Day In September, Searching for Sugar Man) amongst the producers. BAFTA winner Chris King (Amy, Senna) serves as editor.
Standard YouTube License
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Inside the Rock Era: The Top 100 Guitarists of the Rock Era: The Complete List
We began on February 1 with Inside the Rock Era's Top 100 Guitarists of the Rock Era*. The Rock Era, of course, covers 1955 through the present. Here is the complete list:
#100--John Sykes
#99--Mick Barr
#98--Jerry Cantrell
#97--Mike Bloomfield
#96--Danny Kirwan
#94--Daron Malakian
#93--Kerry King
#92--Alex Lifeson
#91--Robbie Krieger
#90--Ted Nugent
#89--Jason Becker
#88--John 4
#87--Jake E. Lee
#86--Michael Wilton
#85--James "Munky" Shaffer
#84--Uli Jon Roth
#83--Richie Sambora
#82--Tom Morello
#81--Michael Schenker
#80--Rick Derringer
#79--Dave Mason
#78--Warren DeMartini
#77--Synyster Gates
#76: C.C. DeVille
#75: Peter Frampton
#74: Gary Rossington
#73: Neil Giraldo
#72: Keith Richards
#71: Michael Schenker
#70: Tom Morello
#69: Neal Schon
#68: Vivian Campbell
#67: Dave Mustaine
#66: Danny Gatton
#65: Timo Tolkki
#64: Allen Holdsworth
#63: Dave Murray
#62: Nuno Bettencourt
#61: Ace Frehley
#60: Reb Beach
#59: Allen Collins
#58: Kurt Cobain
#57: John Petrucci
#56: Ritchie Kotzen
#55: Michael Angelo Battio
#54: Scotty Moore
#53: Rick Nielsen
#52: Eddie Clarke
#51: Vinnie Moore
#50: Joe Walsh
#49: Roy Buchanan
#48: Chuck Berry
#47: Rory Gallagher
#46: Steve Lukather
#45: Tommy Bolin
#44: Frank Zappa
#43: Gary Moore
#42: Stephen Stills
#41: Mick Ronson
#40: Edge
#39: Mike Campbell
#38: Derek Trucks
#37: Zakk Wylde
#36: Dimebag Darrell
#35: Lee Ranaldo
#34: Kirk Hammett
#33: John Frusciante
#32: Slash
#31: Albert Lee
#30: Mark Knopfler
#29: Pete Townshend
#28: Glenn Tipton
#27: Marty Friedman
#26: Dick Dale
#25: David Gilmour
#24: Adrian Smith
#23: Angus Young
#22: Paco DeLucia
#21: Paul Gilbert
#20: Randy Rhoads
#19: Richard Thompson
#18: Brian May
#17: Ritchie Blackmore
#16: Eric Clapton
#15: Robert Fripp
#14: Tony Iommi
#13: Eric Johnson
#12: Yngwie Malmsteen
#11: Joe Satriani
#10: Duane Allman
#9: Steve Vai
#8: B.B. King
#7: John McLaughlin
#6: Stevie Ray Vaughan
#5: Carlos Santana
#4: Eddie Van Halen
#3: Jeff Beck
#2: Jimmy Page
#1: Jimi Hendrix
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