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Blunt, McCaskill provisions included in highway funding bill | St. Louis Public Radio
If you drive a rental car, travel by rail, or need to turn on the AC on a hot summer day, you will be affected by provisions Missouri’s two U.S. senators have worked to get into a highway funding bill, likely to win congressional approval in the next few days. . . .

Republican Roy Blunt and Democrat Claire McCaskill teamed up to co-sponsor The Grid Reliability Act, aimed at ensuring power utilities don’t run afoul of environmental regulations when operating under orders from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to improve power grid reliability, especially at times of peak demand for electricity. . . .

Another McCaskill-sponsored measure included in the package would streamline an often cumbersome federal permitting process for major projects. The Permitting Improvement Act, has been a two-year effort of McCaskill and U.S. Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio. The two reintroduced the measure last spring with backing from a wide array of business, industry, union, and trade associations including the U.S. and Missouri Chambers of Commerce, the National Association of Manufacturers, Missouri Realtors, Associated General Contractors of Missouri and others.

MoBikeFed comment: Both Sens. McCaskill and Blunt have also been supportive of bicycle & pedestrian funding in this round of the federal transportation reauthorization.

That is a welcome change from 2012 and earlier, when Sen. McCaskill's support for bike/ped had been shakey--to put it mildly.

We would love to see Missouri's two senators step up and support some real, positive reform in how the federal transportation handles bicycle and walking, tool
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december 2015 by mobikefed
Claire McCaskill briefed Eric Holder on Ferguson from a tire store - The Washington Post
Unlike many of her fellow Missouri politicians -- Jay Nixon, we are looking at you -- Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill was tweeting about the situation in Ferguson on Wednesday night and on the scene by Thursday morning. She was caught briefing Attorney General Eric Holder via phone while stopped at a tire store. This photo was snapped -- and tweeted -- by Tod Martin, McCaskill's state director.
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august 2014 by jtyost2

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