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CLI release tool for Git repos and npm packages. Automate the tedious tasks of software releases. Happily release and publish your Git repositories, npm packages, GitHub & GitLab releases, changelogs, and much more!
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6 weeks ago by ejfox
RT : Very interesting comparison of and : How experts switched to for rewrite of a comple…
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december 2018 by briantrice
The Pontiac Aztek Debacle - An Insider's Take On How Bad Cars Happen
Many people in the car business do not understand that a vehicle has an image. To them, a vehicle is a collection of attributes. If your attributes are better than the other guy's attributes, you're gonna win. It's engineer thinking, along totally rational lines. Their advice to an alcoholic is "stop drinking—is there something about that you don't understand?" That's not how people actually think.
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december 2018 by nimwunnan

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