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How some words don’t stand the test of time - Columbia Journalism Review
“The increasing sensitivity to words denoting a physical or mental disability is playing out in many places, not all of them expected. A case in point: Late last year, Major League Baseball announced that it was renaming its ‘disabled list’ to the ‘injured list.’ As an ESPN article said, quoting a spokesman, ‘The principal concern is that using the term ‘disabled’ for players who are injured supports the misconception that people with disabilities are injured and therefore are not able to participate or compete in sports.’”
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New student coalition alleges press is suppressed at Christian institutions
And Liberty University, where the president, Jerry Falwell Jr., is a staunch Trump loyalist, stopped the student newspaper from publishing a column critical of Trump. Falwell at the time denied the move was political, saying another, similar column had already run, and a sec ond column wou
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‘This Is Not of God’: When Anti-Trump Evangelicals Confront Their Brethren - The New York Times
Mr. Falwell never responded, though in addition to banning the Red Letter Christians from campus, he forbade the Liberty University student newspaper from covering the revival. When Erin Covey, the student assigned to the story, asked Mr. Falwell to comment on the revival, she received a text from him that said: “Let’s not run any articles about the event. That’s all these folks are here for — publicity. Best to ignore them.”
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june 2018 by Chavi

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