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Surviving in the Siberian Wilderness for 70 Years (Full Length) - YouTube
"In 1936, a family of Russian Old Believers journeyed deep into Siberia's vast taiga to escape persecution and protect their way of life. The Lykovs eventually settled in the Sayan Mountains, 160 miles from any other sign of civilization. In 1944, Agafia Lykov was born into this wilderness. Today, she is the last surviving Lykov, remaining steadfast in her seclusion. In this episode of Far Out, the VICE crew travels to Agafia to learn about her taiga lifestyle and the encroaching influence of the outside world."
agafialykova  video  russia  taiga  oldbelievers  lykovs  civilization  wilderness  siberia  1978  1936  sovietunion  religion  isolation  survival  history  families  technology  towatch 
6 days ago by robertogreco
Running Reality - 1235AD in World History
Explore any date in the history of human civilization from 3000BC to today.
world  civilization  history  map 
9 days ago by kpieper876
YouTube -- Turd Flinging Monkey: The Meaning of Life for Men (Response to Jordan Peterson)
"...what Jordan Peterson and all the traditionalists and trad-cucks miss is: you can't have responsibility for something that you don't have authority over." -- All The Responsibility None of the Authority "If men are responsible for women then men must have authority over women."
men  sacrifice  responsibility  meaning  civilization  gynocentrism  shamingtactics 
13 days ago by adamcrowe
New Report Suggests ‘High Likelihood of Human Civilization Coming to an End’ in 2050
The climate change analysis was written by a former fossil fuel executive and backed by the former chief of Australia's military.
climatechange  future  predictions  civilization 
14 days ago by mirthe
Roger Scruton – The Future of European Civilization: Lessons for America - YouTube
America has much to learn from Europe’s current condition. The decline in religious faith has led to a universal weakening of European society and a loss of confidence in the value of its civilization. The effects have been grave: throngs of unassimilated immigrants, military threats from abroad, and confusion about national identity. America, by contrast, still shows many signs of strength. Nonetheless, should we lose our sense of shared identity, Europe’s path likely awaits. What can Americans learn from Europe? Does America have hidden strengths which, if properly used, will allow us to avoid a similar fate? And are there areas in which Europe is faring better than we are?
history  civilization  docGet  scruton  europe  vidGet 
28 days ago by Jswindle
Paul Craig Roberts -- The American Pathocracy
Link trail: D Is for a Dictatorship Disguised as a Democracy by John W. Whitehead --> The Road to Pathocracy by James G. Long '... Hysteria is characteristic of times when the existing happy period is collapsing. -- ... Though psychopathy is quite superficial, it is the only mental disorder that attracts, or generates, large numbers of followers who have limited psychological stability and moral values. Only the more gullible members of society, including psychopath enablers, succumb to the attractions of the psychopath. Most members of society retain a "common-sense" -- Dr. Łobaczewski's description – attitude during times of social and economic disruption, and common sense eventually returns and prevails after much damage has been done. -- In the USA, psychopath enablers include Leftist journalists, Leftist professors, and Leftist community disorganizers. Intelligence – IQ – offers little or no immunity from psychopathic influences during hysterical times. -- In the USA, the shift to hysterical times can be dated quite precisely to the period of the 1960s... -- #5) When psychopaths capture positions of power the result is totalitarianism, also known as pathocracy. At that point, the government operates against the interests of its own people except for favoring certain groups. -- We are currently witnessing deliberate polarizations of American citizens, illegal actions,and massive and needless acquisition of debt. This is quite typical of psychopathic systems, and very similar things happened in the Soviet Union as it overextended and collapsed. #6) [I]t must be noted that all pathocratic developments and cycles take place over decades and may not be obvious to the casual observer. During hysterical times, young people in particular may form opinions and make ideological commitments that are quite lacking in moral and intellectual rigor. #7) Pathocrats (psychopaths) always fail, creating massive social and economic costs for everyone else. Eventually, discipline is restored by the need to deal with psychopathic incompetence and corruption, moral and intellectual rigor returns, and the cycle begins again. Marxist and Islamic psychopaths have created a recurring profitable corruption, and their systems become self-perpetuating.'
rkselectiontheory  decadence  faggotry  emotionalism  hysteria  illiberalism  marxism  ponerlogy  pathocracy  panarchy  civilization 
4 weeks ago by adamcrowe

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