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Remember: if a thermonuclear weapon hits the city, NOT all of us will be killed!

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Civil Defence Under Fire in Aleppo - Damascus Bureau, May 22,2014
Underpaid rescue workers have inadequate equipment and face huge risks
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20,000 Volunteers Needed for Civil Defense Duty - 1941
The present plan calls for 15 volunteers to each station, with stations scattered through nearly every county in the state. In Kern County, where there are extensive oil fields, there would be 110 stations, San Francisco would have five.
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november 2014 by cakim001
The Legend of the Civil Defense Boxes [Dangerous Minds]
Could it really be true that the basements of apartment buildings throughout New York and other cities once housed civil defense boxes stuffed with high-grade government-issued drugs?

As it turns out, “Medical Kit A” (serving 50 to 65 persons) contained a bottle of 500 phenobarbital pills, while Medical Kit C (serving 300 to 325 persons) contained three bottles of 1000 phenobarbitals EACH. 3000 phenobarbitals could keep a musician and his “fallout boys” cool for, like, a solid week or two. At least.

Amusingly, the boxes also contained alcohol, and this would certainly have been considered a nice bonus for someone trying to score. And yes, the boxes did contain actual medical supplies in addition to the drugs, though what happened to those the legends never described.

What I still find amazing is the naivety expressed by those who ran this program, that they believed their diabolically clever NO NARCOTICS INSIDE box-labeling would actually PREVENT hardened druggies from cracking open the boxes, instead of the far more likely result, basically ADVERTISING the presence of powerful narcotics.
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Social media adds to torrent of news
Online social media sites and radio and television airwaves were awash with tsunami information by the time Civil Defense sirens rousted isle residents to news of a tsunami warning.
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The H-BOMB and YOU
Scanned civil defense comic from 1954 distributed to DC and MD area residents. Angel and I came up with some likely sequels, amongst which were: "Guys Peeing in the Street and You," "Kids These Days and You," "Truancy and You," and "Backtalk and You."
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Civil Defense - County of Hawaii Directory
The role of the Civil Defense Agency is to direct and coordinate the development and administration of the County's total emergency preparedness and response program to ensure prompt and effective action when natural or man-caused disaster threatens or oc
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