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So, is the world going to have a collective funeral for Google Fusion Tables when it shuts down tomorrow…
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6 days ago by brodieaustin
Building a More Honest Internet - Columbia Journalism Review
The question isn’t whether a public social media is viable. It is if we want it to be. The question is what we’d want to do with it. To start, we need to imagine digital social interactions that are good for society, rather than corrosive. We’ve grown so used to the idea that social media is damaging our democracies that we’ve thought very little about how we might build new networks to strengthen societies. We need a wave of innovation around imagining and building tools whose goal ...
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11 days ago by npdoty
Hoping the , communities in the UK (esp England for this Pilot round) are considering taking p…
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4 weeks ago by sdp
This is what looks like. 👇🏾

"I believe SeeClickFix is a solution for engaging the public in meaningful…
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6 weeks ago by hillary
Check out this deep dive on and from
's co-founder

via the…
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august 2019 by rsterbal
RT : Buscamos PROGRAMADOR/A para y

También nos gustaría experiment…
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july 2019 by kanarinka
this is a good breakdown of the basics - cc
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july 2019 by mathpunk

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