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Download Amazing Gorgeous Fragmented Watercolors Form Soothing Cityscapes – My Modern Metropolis… HD Pictures | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Gorgeous Fragmented Watercolors Kind Soothing Cityscapes – My Modern-day Metropolis… Gorgeous Fragmented Watercolors Kind Soothing Cityscapes – My Modern-day Metropolis Gorgeous Fragmented Watercolors Kind Soothing Cityscapes – My Modern-day Metropolis…
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august 2017 by wotek
The secret skylines of high-magnification computer chips
Christoph Morlinghaus got a gig photographing motherboards for Cisco and discovered that the chips he was shooting were spectacular at extreme magnifications, prompting him to create Motherboard, a collection of arty, high-rez images of boards.
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august 2016 by ndw
laird kay's LEGO city critiques the artificial architecture of modern megacities
the seemingly-endless LEGO columns mimic the overwhelming concentration of buildings captured by michael wolf in hong kong last year, or the panorama of skyscrapers piercing dubai clouds, as documented by daniel cheong — illustrating an indifference to place and culture when constructing contemporary cityscapes. ‘cities used to be the result of collective will and a desire to shape – to control – our environments.
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february 2016 by shannon_mattern

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