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People say they hate traffic jams, but are oddly tolerant of them - The slow and the furious
In the most congested cities, talking about traffic jams becomes an obsession; ending them seems not to
traffic  city  time  waste 
2 days ago by soobrosa
Medieval Fantasy City Generator by watabou
This application generates a random medieval city layout of a requested size.
rpg  city  generator 
4 days ago by ftofani
CityMaking ! Wien | Parklets
A parklet transform your street into a social node where you can share with your neighboors.
wien  vienna  tool  citizens  city  park  public  urbanism  people 
4 days ago by fdedic
Vienna Provides Toolkit For Citizens To Create Their Own Pocket Parks
Over the course of this parklet season, around 30 spots across the Austrian capital have already been transformed into outdoor meeting points.
vienna  wien  park  public  urbanism  city  people 
4 days ago by fdedic

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