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Oppo Launches Concept Store in Suntec City
OPPO has just launched its brand new flagship concept at Suntec City, where customers and visitors alike can stand a chance to win amazing gifts and prizes, such as the new OPPO R17 Pro. This will be the brand’s first concept store outside its home market of China. The store is designed around the concept...

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Oppo  Launches  Concept  Store  in  Suntec  City 
4 days ago by vrzone
Wave Function Collapse by marian42
An infinite, procedurally generated city, assembled out of blocks using the Wave Function Collapse algorithm.

Currently, there is no gameplay, you can only walk around and look at the scenery.
procedural  procgen  city  architecture 
4 days ago by AleatoricConsonance
Peak car - Wikipedia
Economic hypothesis showing widespread fall in car ownership plus increased miles/kms driven
automotive  car  Ownership  transportation  model  economy  culture  hightech  uber  smartphone  infrastructure  reference  comparison  uk  Usa  france  europe  australia  driving  sharing  autonomous  cycling  urbanism  city  london  mobility 
4 days ago by csrollyson
Andrew Sullivan: What Happens If Americans Stop Trusting the System?
Yes, I know the urban coasts are where the future nerds and business whizzes want to live (and increasingly do). But that’s part of our problem, is it not? We’re geographically sorting — and the left-behinds are getting more left behind in the middle of the country. And if there’s something we really don’t need in D.C. right now is more of the cognitive elite! The place is crawling with irritating young white people who go to CrossFit, ride those creepy scooters, and never look up from their phones. A company like Amazon could actually have had the clout to bring those types back to the heartland and do some small thing to rebalance the country. Wages would be effectively higher given the lower cost of housing. The Millennial migrants could even help turn Texas blue! The cultural shift and economic boost might even lure a few opioid users toward an ounce of hope and a middle-class salary in Indiana or Ohio or West Virginia.

This matters. As the country becomes increasingly culturally, economically, and socially bifurcated, we need responsible corporate actors to help bridge this gap. Amazon — one of the most trusted brands in America — is perfectly poised to pull this off. Its decisions could be a critical help in keeping this country from the kind of yawning divisions and vast inequalities which are fast hardening into permanent social chasms.
politics  city  tech  from instapaper
4 days ago by ayjay

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