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Washington, We Have a Citizenship Problem - WSJ
"If not being able to identify Benjamin Franklin is a measurement of a threat to American democracy (“Ben Franklin Who?,” Review & Outlook, Oct. 4), we have been in trouble for a long time. A headline on the New York Times front page on April 4, 1943, read: “Ignorance of U.S. History Shown by College Freshmen; Survey of 7,000 Students in 36 Institutions Discloses Vast Fund of Misinformation On Many Basic Facts, Survey Finds Many College Freshmen Weak on Knowledge of United States History.” On the multiple-choice test, half identified Walt Whitman as an American bandleader, having confused him with Paul Whiteman; and most thought William James was Jesse James's brother."
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11 days ago by lukemperez
Citizenship privileges and corporate performance reviews
Rachel talks about how many of her colleagues/friends "walk a fine line every day between employment and getting kicked out of the country."
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5 weeks ago by k4rtik
Becoming American
Laurie Seldo with a very thoughtful essay
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6 weeks ago by nelson

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