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Fantastic discussion - until we understand what want from the data, how can provide value to Ca…
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6 weeks ago by mgifford
Opinion | It’s Time to Panic About Privacy - The New York Times
We claim to want it, companies claim to provide it, but we all just accept that, well, you have no privacy online.
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9 weeks ago by xer0x
is . Today, 35,000 colorfully, loudly & resolutely commissioned the
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january 2019 by cathmnet
RT : Congrats to some of the newest United States ! NIJC represented this father and son under the New American…
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october 2018 by LibrariesVal
D21 | Participation and voting in municipalities, schools and companies.
We involve citizens and communities in decision-making
Easily and in the long term. Through participation, contemporary technologies, and a unique voting method.
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october 2018 by fdedic

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