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US newspapers continue to downsize as job losses continue says Pew Research | The Drum
110 daily newspapers analysed, 40 had experienced a reduction in employees over the 16-month study period.
newspapers  circulation  reduction  reporters  TheDrum 
july 2018 by ElizabethSosnow
What Do The Teens Know About This Tweet that We Dont
Article asking teens to explain why a banal tweet went semi-viral (18,000 ReTweets). Could be a way to discuss circulation in 102, or, a way to talk about why different communities circulate information online in WritingforWWW
circulation  viral  digitalcomposition  digitalwriting  digitalrhetoric 
june 2018 by stevej27
Wired halves print output amid growing digital demands | The Drum
Wired UK has stopped releasing print issues on a monthly basis and will instead to go to press just six times a year, the tech magazine has announced.

In a note from editor Greg Williams in the most recent issue, it was revealed that the UK mag will halve its print frequency.

Rather than blaming the change on circulation or lower returns from print, the leader stated that the company will boost its investment in its digital platform where it claims to have had an 80% increase in traffic in 2017.
WiredUK  WiredMagazine  Magazines  Print  Digital  DigitalMedia  GregWilliams  TheDrum  Subscriptions  Circulation  Technology  NewMedia  MediaHabits  Consumption 
march 2018 by dk33per
Making Social Critique Go Viral
Op-ed for non-profits on why and then how they should attempt to go viral.
profwriting  viral  virality  circulation  nonprofit 
october 2017 by stevej27

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