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How to Design Services for Continuous Deployment: 3 Best Practices - CircleCI
Any service that we run in production might be terminated at any time, and the danger is that a service might consume a message from a message queue, and be shut down before it has a chance to take the required action. This has the same effect as the message being lost. To account for this, we defer acknowledging the receipt of messages until we have performed the required action.

In the case of running a build, this means that we dequeue a message, create a record in a database to represent the build, and then acknowledge receipt of the message. The danger now is that the service might be terminated after creating the record in the database, but before acknowledging the message. If this occurs, RabbitMQ will re-enqueue the message and attempt delivery again, to a different consumer of the queue.

We use the following patterns when consuming from RabbitMQ:

1. We make sure that all exchanges and queues are declared as durable and we disable auto-delete.
2. We ensure that messages as marked as persistent.
3. We disable auto-acknowledgement of messages in our queue consumers, and instead opt to manually ack or nack messages.
4. We add a unique ID or idempotency key to messages, so that the consumer can de-dupe messages where required.
5. Passing the responsibility for de-duping messages as far downstream as possible keeps our services as simple as possible.
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Pre-Built CircleCI Docker Images - CircleCI
Listing of available images maintained by CircleCI
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