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Corrina Gould - We are a group of women elders who became a...
We are a group of women elders who became a council because of community needs.
We are all committed to healing our communities and as long as people come to us in a respectful way, we will continue to do this work in the best way we can.
We believe that everyone in our communities needs to be held accountable for their behaviors. We want a safe community. We also believe that those who come to ask for help in healing so that they can stop problem behaviors should be given a chance to heal.
None of us initiated this process.
Each of us were recently approached by individuals in our community who asked for help and advice in dealing with issues of disrespect or abuse from Anthony Sul.
Several days ago, two young men approached us asking for help. We listened to their grievances and we responded right away. We proposed a traditional circle led by a council of elder women where they could confront Anthony and he could be held accountable and be offered consequences and a chance to get help. They agreed to this process and we set up a meeting for Sunday.
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Paper.js Sketch
This fellow provided a very nice solution to shrikanta's question on google groups.
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23 days ago by brentfarwick
itaditya/circlebars: Add circular progress bars and countdown timers easily with circlebars Created by @itaditya. Demo at >
Add circular progress bars and countdown timers easily with circlebars Created by @itaditya. Demo at >
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