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The Architectural Chase, the Digital Pursuit
Zen-otaph: Steve Jobs and the Meaning Behind Apple’s New Campus
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Circle K och deras kunder samlar in mångmiljonbelopp till BRIS
via Jämför pengar, utan krångel. Jämför lån, kreditkort & sparkonton. - Feed
Circle  K  samlar  in  mångmiljonbelopp  till  BRIS 
17 days ago by cashoo
To calculate the P.C.D. of a five stud wheel or hub, measure 'X' from the inside of one hole to the outside of the next hole and multiply by 1.7012. The table below is a reference guide for some common sizes.

'X' inches 'X' mm P.C.D.
2.351 59.715 4"
2.498 63.449 4¼"
2.645 67.183 4½"
2.792 70.916 4¾"
2.939 74.650 5"
3.233 89.586 6"
3.820 97.028 6½"
2.314 58.779 100 mm
2.499 63.481 108 mm
2.591 65.832 112 mm
2.777 70.535 120 mm
3.008 76.413 130 mm
3.240 82.290 140 mm
3.703 94.046 160 mm
pitch  circle  diameter  measurement  pcd  bcd  bolt  car  wheel  nut  mounting  holes 
4 weeks ago by theskett
Chris Coyier | A Tale of Four Properties
There are some values in CSS that allow you to create shapes. For example, you can use the clip-path property and the circle() function to clip and element in a circle of your liking. A circle is a "basic shape" in CSS, just as it is in SVG, and you can use these basic shapes as values for a number of CSS properties. Basic shapes don't include "path" though, which is the ultimate vector defining syntax. In a strange twist, path() does exist in CSS, in places that don't support basic shapes!
fridayfrontend  video  svg  css  shapes  path  tmbg  shape-outside  polygon  circle  ellipse  inset  offset-path  motion-path  clip-path  clip  mask 
5 weeks ago by spaceninja
Brand New: New Logo and Identity for Shakespeare's Globe by The Partners
The wood turned out to be a circular piece of oak which had been on display in the permanent exhibition devoted to the reconstruction of the theatre. ‘It’s like a holy relic,’ says Eagleton. ‘It appears to be the only remaining circular piece of oak from the timber used to rebuild the Globe.’
design  CommD  pratt  circle 
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