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ROT13 - Wikipedia
"ROT13 (sometimes hyphenated ROT-13) is a simple letter substitution cipher." Also a funny goof when in the context of ROT26 (or "On the 2ROT13 Encryption Algorithm").
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19 days ago by chritter
digest cyptography/cipher data object like email
mutate(patientID =
algo = "sha1"))

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4 weeks ago by bikesandbooks
How to get a 100% score on SSL Labs (Nginx, Let's Encrypt) - Zurgl
Getting an A+ rating on SSL Labs' test is relatively easy, but getting a perfect 100% score on all 4 criteria takes a little more work, especially because SSL Labs' own guide doesn't mention one of the requirements! This guide shows how to achieve it with Nginx and Let's Encrypt, on a Debian-based system.
nginx  ssl  tls  cipher  dhparam  encryption 
8 weeks ago by exnihilo
Discuss, brainstorm, and solve the Zodiac killer's 340 cipher
This is a place where we can all put our thoughts, theories, articles, pictures, etc. together and maybe, just MAYBE, solve the Zodiac killer's...
cipher  zodiac_killer  _teaching 
12 weeks ago by raphman

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