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Show keyboard shortcut underscore in menus - Linux Mint Community
Gist of it: In dconf-editor, I disabled the org.gnome.desktop.interface automatic-mnemonics setting, and all accelerators appear immediately now.
dconf  keyboard  shortcuts  gnome  cinnamon  linux  xorg  editor  accelerators 
29 days ago by nullrend
Cinnamon Christmas Bread - Cafe Delites
Soft pull apart cinnamon Christmas star bread with a sweet and sticky brown sugar cinnamon roll centre! An amazing dessert for the holidays!
dessert  bread  baking  bake  cinnamon  holiday 
7 weeks ago by mkim
Favorite Cinnamon Buns Recipe - 101 Cookbooks
These cinnamon buns are made from a cardamom-flecked, buttery yeast dough with a classic cinnamon-sugar swirl.
baking  cinnamon  buns  recipe 
8 weeks ago by mac
Lamb Tagine Recipe - NYT Cooking
Really nice but very rich. You subbed water for stock, harissa for t paste, more turmeric for saffron, mint for parsley and cilantro, and pine nuts for almonds. Leave scallions off next time. Maybe consider some p lemon.
lamb  dried-apricot  onion  ginger  cinnamon  turmeric  nutmeg  mint  nuts  tagine  north-african  winter  for-cait 
november 2018 by amsone

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