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» Lyra McKee Investigative Journalism Training Bursary
» Lyra McKee Investigative Journalism Training Bursary
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may 2019 by paulbradshaw
» Web Scraping for Journalists
If you want to learn how to use scraping for journalism I'm delivering a 2 day course @cijournalism later this year
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july 2018 by paulbradshaw
James Harkin (@James__Harkin) | Twitter
Director of @cijournalism. Journalist and forecaster, writes for Vanity Fair, Harper's etc., author of Hunting Season, Niche and Cyburbia.
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january 2018 by paulbradshaw
DPA without the Lawyer |
The Journalists' Guide to making Subject Access Requests under the Data Protection Act 1988

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This handbook is the third in the series on access to information instruments, and follows on from the Freedom of Information Act and Environmental Information Regulations (EIRs) that were completed by Request Initiative for CIJ in previous years.

The right to access your personal information, enshrined in the Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998, is a powerful tool in investigative journalism. Through a Subject Access Request (SAR), journalists can encourage their sources to access their personal information held by public authorities and private companies. This is especially helpful when verifying the claims of whistleblowers and exposing miscarriages of justice.
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november 2017 by aleksi
James Harkin is appointed director of the Centre for Investigative Journalism |
James Harkin is a journalist on new ideas, social change and political conflict whose work appears in Vanity Fair, Harper’s, GQ, The Smithsonian, Prospect and The Guardian. A former Director of Talks at the ICA, he once taught politics at Oxford University, and was associate producer on Adam Curtis’s two BBC series The Trap and All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace. For the last five years he’s been reporting the Syrian conflict from all sides. His last book, Hunting Season, an investigative account of the rise of the Islamic State group and its campaign of kidnapping journalists, was published in November 2015 by Little, Brown in the UK and Hachette in the U.S.
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march 2017 by paulbradshaw
James B. Steele: A Documents State of Mind |
Documents are a mainstay of the best investigative reporting around the world. This session by the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist explored how to find and analyse obscure reports and documents on persons, institutions, companies and programmes – valuable information that is often otherwise unattainable. It also explored the vital role of data in helping to analyse complex public issues and the ever-greater role data is playing in investigative journalism today.
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september 2016 by paulbradshaw
@danwainwright demonstrating scrapers live at conferences...
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august 2016 by paulbradshaw
Elena Egawhary | cij
Elena Egawhary is a freelance journalist and researcher. An official CIJ computer-assisted reporting trainer, she has been using Excel and Access in investigative journalism for several years.
Elena has written for the New Statesman, The Guardian, The Independent and Legal Business Magazine. Elena is currently working for BBC Panorama.
Elena’s skills in Excel enabled her to discover that Ofsted’s child protection inspection regime had been relying on inaccurate data provided by Haringey Council, and was not providing a reliable picture of the state of child protection services across the country.
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july 2010 by paulbradshaw
Create Maps | BatchGeo
RT : useful mapping tool for data with specific addresses (via )
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july 2010 by DJSoup

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