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News media article tended to focus on e-cigarette risks, rather than potential benefits
This has implications for cigarette smokers trying to quit the habit:
News media may influence public perceptions and attitudes about electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), which may influence product use and attitudes about their regulation. The purpose of this study is to describe trends in US news coverage of e-cigarettes during a period of evolving regulation, science, and trends in the use of e-cigarettes. [....] Across years, articles more frequently mentioned e-cigarette risks (70%) than potential benefits (37.3%).
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5 weeks ago by jm
Expert reaction to World Health Organisation Q&A on e-cigarettes
It does seem that scaremongering about vaping is hurting efforts to get people off cigarettes:
“Practically all the factual statements in it are wrong. There is no evidence that vaping is ‘highly addictive’ – less than 1% of non-smokers become regular vapers.  Vaping does not lead young people to smoking – smoking among young people is at all time low.  There is no evidence that vaping increases risk of heart disease or that could have any effect at all on bystanders’ health. The US outbreak of lung injuries is due to contaminants in illegal marijuana cartridges and has nothing to do with nicotine vaping. There is clear evidence that e-cigarettes help smokers quit.

“The authors of this document should take responsibility for using blatant misinformation to prevent smokers from switching to a much less risky alternative.”
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9 weeks ago by jm
Hi and Lois watch
Thirsty Thurston first appeared in Hi and Lois on June 9, 1961. He has now been smoking for more than fifty-eight years.
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november 2019 by M.Leddy
A guide to the cigarettes of Out of the Past
Thirty-eight cigarettes and thirty-nine acts of cigarette smoking (via the shared cigarette) in the film’s ninety-seven minutes, or roughly one cigarette every two-and-a-half minutes.
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august 2019 by M.Leddy
Cigarettes: Experts say cigarette butts — not plastic straws — are largest human-caused pollutant - CBS News
“The plastic straw has been at the forefront of conversations about damaging man-made waste but cigarette butts have turned out to be an even bigger problem. An estimated 4.5 trillion butts are littered globally each year, The BBC reports, and their effects are incredibly harmful.”
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july 2019 by handcoding
A female historian wrote a book. Two male historians went on NPR to talk about it. They never mentioned her name. - The Lily
Milov, an assistant professor at the University of Virginia whose forthcoming book, “The Cigarette: A Political History,” provided virtually all the material for the segment, which aired on Thursday.
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july 2019 by yolandaenoch

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