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He may be mad, but there's method in his madness. There nearly always is method in madness. It's what drives men mad, being methodical. – G.K. Chesterton
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august 2017 by kitschprinzessin
Criminal Investigation Department - Wikipedia
Although there is no pay increment on obtaining detective status in most forces (subject to the availability of a budget) detectives are expected to spend more time at work than most uniformed officers and this attracts additional overtime payments. Previously paid allowances such as "Detective Duty Allowance" – a small payment intended to allow officers to purchase refreshments and other similar petty cash purposes as they spent long hours away from their place of work and "Plain Clothes Allowance" – an allowance used to purchase suitable clothing have all been withdrawn over the past few years.[citation needed]
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july 2017 by timberwolfoz
Why I quit the thin blue line: a former Met police officer on a service in crisis | UK news | The Guardian
For all that I was referred to as a “trainee” detective constable, I did not receive a shred of training. My detective sergeants, both superb officers and caring people, were so busy with their own caseloads and personnel management issues that they never had time to train us. In October and November of last year, there was a three-week period when my team operated at one third of our strength. There was no time to deal with anything properly, and a constant pressure from above to solve crimes. In itself, that was, of course, our job, but the pressure led to detectives taking on easier cases that would not ordinarily be ours alongside all the complex ones, simply because there was a better chance of ticking the box; the result was that the tougher jobs suffered, or staff pushed themselves even harder to stay afloat. I was swamped, unable to do my job properly, battling to stay on top of the most basic investigations due to the constant, insane pressure of a workload that kept mounting and never relented.
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march 2017 by timberwolfoz
Police Jobs, Police Recruitment and news and views - Blueline Jobs
CID officers do not work the shift system and they are often required to work long and irregular hours. A major inquiry can demand of CID officers working every hour of the day. The work is often slow and requires great patience as well as good memory and attention to detail. The pay structure is identical to that of the uniformed police, with an additional plain-clothes allowance.
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march 2017 by timberwolfoz
Embitterment Chapter 1: Prologue, a final fantasy vii fanfic | FanFiction
He always knew his past would cost him, but he never knew the price. She always knew her future would catch her, but she didn't know how fast. Love isn't always beautiful; that doesn't stop the want of it. Winner of two 2009 Genesis Awards.
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july 2015 by salinea

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