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Tutorial: Using Azure DevOps to setup a CI/CD pipeline and deploy to Kubernetes
Learn how to setup a CI/CD pipeline to deploy your apps on a Kubernetes cluster with Azure DevOps by leveraging a Linux agent, Docker and Helm.
helm  kubernetes  cicd  azure 
4 days ago by cychong47
Then it will obey the laws of API gateways.
The API gateway shall not negatively impact CD pipelines. The API gateway shall not give rise to a new organizational silo. API policies shall not require special IDEs or tools to work with manage. Policies shall be testable.
api  devops  cicd  tdc 
7 days ago by cpswan
Policy-driven continuous integration with Open Policy Agent
One of the things that I love most about Open Policy Agent (OPA) is that it was built to be interoperable with other systems. Anything that produces JSON — and nowadays most things do — can provide…
opa  cicd 
9 days ago by pinterb
Continuous Integration & Delivery - Semaphore
The continuous integration and delivery platform powering the world’s best engineering teams. Whenever you push your code, Semaphore will automatically run your custom designed build, test and deploy pipeline.
deployment  build  devops  continuousdeployment  continuousintegration  ci  cicd  iOS  android  mobile 
11 days ago by dlkinney
Best Practices for Implementing CI/CD Pipelines in Kubernetes - Reactive Ops
ReactiveOps is a cloud-native infrastructure service that builds and manages reliable, scalable, and secure Kubernetes infrastructure so businesses can focus on building great products.
reactiveops  cicd  kubernetes 
24 days ago by pinterb
Debugging Gitlab CI pipelines locally
Instead of making incremental changes to your code and praying the next CI build passes, you can leverage Gitlab runners to run CI builds locally and speed up the debugging process.
git  gitlab  ci  continuousintegration  continuousdeployment  cicd  devops 
25 days ago by dlkinney

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