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Mastering testing with Vue.js by testing a real application and setting up CI/CD
We are going to use a real application, hacker news clone, built by Evan, I simply forked it since I don’t want changes to it breaking this article, here is the forked version. At the time of writing this article, there are no tests in this project, and that’s good for us to learn how to write tests, we are also going to create a CI/CD (mostly CI) pipeline with CircleCI so tests will run automatically for any change in our git repository.
javascript  vue  testing  jest  howto  tutorials  projects  testcafe  ci  circleci 
3 days ago by spaceninja
Learn how to automate deployment on GitHub-pages with Travis CI
In this article, you will be able to learn how to implement the system which will trigger the react deployment scripts using the TRAVIS-CI to deploy the project onto the GitHub-pages whenever there are any changes found in the master branch of the code repository.
webdev  ci  github  devtools 
3 days ago by Rard
Various approaches for setting up test dependencies
When an application includes a database, queue or other dependencies, then you need to write integration tests, confirming that integration with those systems is done properly. How? Let’s discuss it!
CI  CD  testing  testing-dependency 
4 days ago by lenciel

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