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FCA Debuting Special Anniversary Minivans in Chicago |
These will include special versions of both the Chrysler Pacifica, the automaker’s newest minivan, as well as the Dodge Grand Caravan, the latter originally expected to be dropped with the debut of the Pacifica. Instead, the Caravan has stuck around as the value model in the FCA line-up.
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13 days ago by automotive
Chrysler 300's exit opens door for Portal electric minivan
The downsized Chrysler brand will eliminate the last of its sedans but gain a second people-mover nameplate in 2020 with the introduction of the Chrysler Portal electric van, based on the concept of the same name.
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october 2018 by automotive
Le gouvernement libéral radie un prêt de plus de deux milliards consenti à Chrysler
Le gouvernement libéral a discrètement radié un prêt de 2,6 milliards de dollars qui avait été consenti pour sauver le constructeur automobile Chrysler lors de la crise économique de 2009.
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october 2018 by Isidore
What’s Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Without Fiat and Chrysler? |
“There was enough doubt…about their future because they barely showed up in the presentations,” said Joe Phillippi, chief analyst with AutoTrends Consulting, after attending the day-long session at Alfa’ proving grounds near Milan. Fca’s management team “took pains to say (Fiat and Chrysler will have a future, at least in the near-term. But it will be up to the next management team to determine whether they will remain in the portfolio for the long-term.”
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june 2018 by automotive
Coolio - Vantastic Voyage feat. Chrysler Pacifica from Chrysler
Come along on Coolio’s Vantastic Voyage and check out the new Chrysler Pacifica, modded out by VANkulture.
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june 2018 by automotive

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