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Young Internet Tycoons Embrace Giving - About Donors - The Chronicle of Philanthropy- Connecting the nonprofit world with news, jobs, and ideas
Mr. Hoffman’s board positions—all at relatively young organizations­­—highlight another trend among Internet entrepreneurs. They often want to be on the cutting edge, says <b>Ellen Miller</b>, executive director of the <b>Sunlight Foundation</b>, a Washington group that promotes open government.

“They aren’t afraid of new ideas and new ways of thinking of old problems,” says Ms. <b>Miller</b>, whose charity received $50,000 from Mr. Hoffman in 2010.
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december 2011 by sunlightfoundation
The Chronicle of Philanthropy - Philanthropy Today: Ticket Giants Back Dueling Nonprofits in Scalping Fight
The Chronicle of Philanthropy's Philanthropy Today has a mention of Suniight and Ellen Miller from the New York Times article.

While both groups say they aim to protect consumers, they differ over paperless ticketing, in which only the buyer can claim entry to a show at the box office. Fans First favors paperless ticketing as a way to prevent scalpers from driving up prices in the online resale market, while the Fan Freedom Project opposes it as a curb on consumer choice.

“This is a classic, where you find many so-called grass-roots organizations financed by interested industries to fight battles,” said Ellen S. Miller, head of the lobbying watchdog group the Sunlight Foundation. “The campaigns present them as ground-up activities, but they are really nothing more than fronts for particular interests.”
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july 2011 by sunlightfoundation
The Chronicle of Philanthropy: Secret Donors to Political Causes Pose a Problem for Charities
The Chronicle of Philanthropy has a long piece supporting the work of the Sunlight Foundation and discussing the organization's history:

In recent years, this sentiment has powered a movement to open government data to public scrutiny as never before. The combined efforts of the Sunlight Foundation, a Washington nonprofit group that serves as a clearinghouse and advocate for transparency, and the increasingly transparent federal government under the Obama administration, have resulted in a significant shift toward more open government in the United States.

The Sunlight Foundation, founded by Michael Klein, a Washington philanthropist, and Ellen Miller, a veteran open-government advocate, has made the arcane inner workings of government data much easier to grasp for reporters and the public alike by creating easy-to-use technology tools and clever marketing campaigns.
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october 2010 by sunlightfoundation
The Chronicle of Philanthropy: Group Sheds 'Sunlight' on Failed Bid
Clays publicity on the failed bill caught the eye of Ian William wonders if other non-profits have ever taken the same approach.  redesign  clayjohnson  chronicleofphilanthropy  msmblog  sunlightfoundation  sunlightlabs 
september 2010 by sunlightfoundation
The Chronicle of Philanthropy: Omidyar Network Pledges $55-Million to Promote Government Transparency
The Chronicle of Philanthropy has an article describing the Omidyar Network's pledge to spend $55million over three years to promote government transparency.

"About $30-million will go to organizations that use technology to share information about how people are governed and enable them to have a greater say in the process. The new commitment expands on Omidyar's work in the realm of government transparency; to date, the philanthropy has supported organizations including the Sunlight Foundation, mySociety, and Global Integrity."
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september 2010 by sunlightfoundation
The Chronicle of Philanthropy: Web Site Provides Information on Federal Funds for Nonprofit Groups
The Chronicle of Philanthropy has an article about Subsidyscope's new non-profit feature that mentions the joint work between Pew and the Sunlight Foundation: A new feature of a Web site devoted to tracking government subsidies allows the public to search a database for detailed information about federal grants to -- and contracts with -- nonprofit organizations. The Web site, created by Subsidyscope, also provides information and analysis on federal loans and tax expenditures. Subsidyscope, a project of Pew Charitable Trusts and the Sunlight Foundation, says it aims to make government subsidies "more transparent" to the public and policymakers.
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june 2010 by sunlightfoundation
The Chronicle of Philanthropy: Give and Take: The Problems Caused by Americans' Lack of Understanding of Grant Makers, and More: Thursday's Roundup
The Chronicle of Philanthropy's Give and Take blog sends reader to the recap of the Sunlight Foundation's Sunlight Live project on blogging the health care summit: The Sunlight Foundation, a nonprofit group dedicated to making the government more open, discusses on its blog its effort to offer real-time information during the recent health-care summit between lawmakers and the president.
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march 2010 by sunlightfoundation Group Sheds 'Sunlight' on Failed Bid
Clays publicity on the failed bill caught the eye of Ian William wonders if other non-profits have ever taken the same approach.
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july 2009 by sunlightfoundation
The Chronicle of Philanthropy: Nonprofit Lobbyists Protest Restrictions Imposed by Obama Administration
Susanne Perry at The Chronicle of Philanthropy (subscription required) writes about lobbying by nonprofits on behalf of human rights, the environment, or consumer safety — and some nonprofit leaders argue that the White House has gone too far in restricting how those lobbyists deal with the administration. "They are especially concerned about the impact of the president's executive order on ethics, issued his second day in office, which prohibits lobbyists' holding certain administration jobs," Perry writes. "Those rules, they argue, deprive the government of expertise and give nonprofit advocacy a bad name." The White House allows for waivers when it is "in the public interest," however. Perry quotes John saying setting up nonprofit lobbyists as "a proxy for the public interest" would be tricky. Some companies, for example, could argue they are acting in the public interest. "That's going to be a really tough distinction to hold," he says. "All paid lobbying is lobbying."
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