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利用 Chrome 原生工具进行网页长截图 | 一日一技 - 少数派
想把整个网页保存为图片?Chrome 自带的截图命令就很好用。
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10 hours ago by twong
SingleFile is a WebExtension compatible with Chrome, Firefox (Desktop and Mobile), Opera, and Edge that helps you to save a complete web page into a single HTML file.
SingleFile is a WebExtension compatible with Chrome, Firefox (Desktop and Mobile), Opera, and Edge that helps you to save a complete web page into a single HTML file.
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yesterday by michaelfox
A Powerful SEO Toolbox for your Browser
SEOquake is a free plugin for browsers that provides you with key SEO metrics for a specific page, along with other useful tools such as SEO Audit and many others.
seo  chrome 
yesterday by grattucker
27 incredibly useful things you didn’t know Chrome could do
Want to be able to search your email directly from Chrome’s address bar? Create a new custom search engine with the name Gmail, whatever keyword you want (either “” or some shortened command), and “” as the URL.
yesterday by cardwookie
Workona - A better way to work in Chrome
Workona helps you get your tabs under control to increase productivity, reduce stress, and bring focus to your work.
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yesterday by axs221
A fetch-like polyfill for userscript managers.(TM,GM,VM)
A fetch-like polyfill for userscript managers.(TM,GM,VM)
userscript  js  extension  chrome 
2 days ago by michaelfox
Force the scrollbar back
Since OS X Lion, the scrollbar on websites are hidden by default and only visible once you start scrolling. Personally, I prefer the hidden scrollbar, but in case you really need it, you can overwrite the default and force the scrollbar in WebKit browsers
css  scrollbar  safari  chrome  osx  macosx 
2 days ago by dagh
How to get HTTPS working on your local development environment in 5 minutes
This still works as of October 2018. Followed a Homstead Vagrant Bash shell script implementation of this found in a file called: /scripts/

The thing that makes all the difference is creating the root certificate and then creating the specific site certificate from the root script.
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2 days ago by racl101

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