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Christo Geoghegan Captures The Fearless LGBTQ Youth Who Live In Jamaica’s Sewers
“For me, what brought me to the gully [is that] people started finding out that I’m gay in my community,” Daggering, the subject of a 2014 Vice documentary, explained in “Young and Gay: Jamaica’s Gully Queens.”

Daggering is one of nearly 25 gay and trans youths who, after being expelled from their homes and rejected by their families due to their sexual orientations, took up residence in the city of Kingston’s storm drains, a place they refer to as the gully. London-based documentary photographer and journalist Christo Geoghegan chronicled the lives of these self-described Gully Queens ― the abuse they’ve endured, the bonds they’ve formed, and the steps they’ve taken to bring an end to Jamaica’s rampant homophobia.

Although not altogether impossible, the thought of Jamaica evolving on its stance regarding LGBT rights is difficult to imagine for those living within Jamaica’s daily prejudice. “Homosexuality in Jamaica doesn’t have any hope,” a Gully Queen told Geoghegan in the Vice documentary. “It’s just no, no. It’s never going to happen. They’ll just kill us faster.”
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Shooting Down the Purely Aesthetic Aspirations of Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s Piers – Hyperallergic
Description and critique of the Christo's "Piers" piece in Italy. Asks whether it is possible for something which costs so much money, involves the Italian government and the private island of the Beretta family, etc., to an entirely "aesthetic" experience, with no political elements.
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july 2016 by johnmfrench
Walking on water: The Floating Piers by Christo
new art bookmark: Walking on water: The Floating Piers by Christo
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Happy birthday to ! View his poster design for the Texas Mastaba project, 1976:
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