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The Christmas Present - Anonymous
"A present," Temeraire repeated. "The white stag. our appreciation of him as our host."

"That seems very foolish."

Temeraire sniffed. "I would not want people to think my host did not have enough things, or sufficiently fine ones."

"Oh, very well," grumbled Iskierka, sounding disgruntled in her turn. "I suppose you are right. I will have to join you."

"No you will not!"

"I will; you are right; there is nothing else for it."

Or: Temeraire and Iskierka discover (something adjacent to) the true meaning of Christmas.
#temeraire  humour  christmasfic  word:5-10k  rating:g  writer:anonymous  yuletide  futurefic  web:ao3 
december 2018 by christycorr
The Spirit of Christmas Past - tehta
Arch-nemeses Blackheart and Goldenloin are haunted by the spirits of Christmas past. Actual drinkable spirits play a significant role, as well.
#nimona  *blackheart/goldenloin  alcohol  pre-canon  angst  christmasfic  writer:tehta  web:ao3  rating:g  word:1-5k  pre-slash 
october 2018 by christycorr
Fic: Cold Winter (K/S Advent) - Emergent Complexity
The melodies of more ancient Terran songs like this often reminded him of Vulcan musical sensibilities, with their minor keys and precise, predictable structures.  As was typical of human songs, the lyrics extolled the virtues of emotion.  Yet there was something about the metaphorical sentiment of repelling an unpleasant season with the company of others that seemed almost rational.  Regardless, the furrows in Jim’s brow smoothed out as Spock sang, and some of the tension in his shoulders visibly released.  Spock had to remind himself to focus on the music, rather than the effect it was having on the captain.

He began the second verse, and nearly came to a halt out of sheer surprise when he realized that there was another voice layering beneath his own.  He quickly skimmed ahead to memorize his next lines, then glanced up to confirm that Jim was, indeed, singing the counterpoint to his melody.  The captain’s voice was shy but practiced, and despite the relative difficulty of the song, he didn’t miss a note.  He still wasn’t looking at Spock, but rather at the floor, wearing the same expression he used when gazing out into the deepest reaches of space.
fic  christmasfic  st:tos  st  startrek  k/s  kirk/spock 
september 2018 by timberwolfoz
Christmas Holiday
What she said when he had nowhere to go and what happened next.
HarryPotter  Draco  Hermione  Dramione  Christmasfic  fluff  fave  oneshot  AO3  author:floorcoaster  author:luckei1 
may 2018 by Red_Paladin6
WinterIron 2 - Mistletoe
Loki and Amora steal the mistletoe arrow from Odin and have a plan to take over the realms.

Can Tony stop them in time?
fandom:Avengers  pairing:Bucky_Barnes/Tony_Stark  doppleganger  christmasfic  catfic  cat!tony  character:Loki 
february 2018 by arionchan
limited time offer - spookyfoot
Three weeks earlier, during a Skype session with Phichit equally fuelled by Victor’s hideously expensive vodka and Yuuri’s crushing loneliness at Victor being away for more than twelve hours, Yuuri decided he was going to give Victor the best Christmas/Birthday of his life. With sex coupons.

(“This is the best idea you’ve ever had,” Phichit said.

“I,” Yuuri slurred, with all the certainty of a drunk man pawning off his actions on the victim of his sober self, “am a genius. Someone give me a Nobel Peace Prize. Homemade sex coupons will save the world.”

“Absolutely.” Phichit said thousands of miles away in a different timezone watching Yuuri make five different coupons for “whatever you want to do with my feet.” “Someone give this man yet another gold medal.” )

In the end, it was Sober Yuuri that made the terrible miscalculation of using the same adorable poodle wrapping paper for Yuri and Victor’s gifts. Presently he’s moved on from googling “how to build a time machine” to “demon pacts????? Can I make one?????”


Yuuri accidentally mixes up Victor and Yurio's gifts. It goes about as well as you'd expect.
#yurionice  *victor/yuuri  humour  futurefic  christmasfic  word:1-5k  rating:pg-13  web:ao3 
september 2017 by christycorr
Santa Tell Me
Pidge has guarded up her heart just in time for the holidays. She is not about to let history repeat itself by getting hurt again - especially not by Keith.

Keith on the other hand is planning to win her love. He's just not sure how...
Voltron  Kidge  VoltronAU  VLD  oneshot  AO3  Keith  Pidge  Lance  Hunk  Shiro  Allura  Christmasfic  fave  ficrec  author:NaryCanary 
july 2017 by Red_Paladin6
The hardest part of being a superhero is no longer being a superhero. It’s been five years since Marinette last saw Tikki; since she last saw Chat Noir; and she can’t take it anymore.
MiraculousLadybug  angst  happyending  revealfic  Christmasfic  Adrien  Marinette  Adrinette  Ladybug  ChatNoir  AO3  fave  ficrec  author:KarmaHope 
july 2017 by Red_Paladin6
Home - Kurenaito
Three years after the series, Yuuri has retired, and he and Viktor live in America. Yurio comes with them, to be coached by Viktor, but when Yurio suggests that Viktor find other students, things don't go entirely according to plan.

It's no secret that Viktor likes to make impulsive decisions.
futurefic  kidfic  fluff  christmasfic  domesticity  word:30-50k  #yurionice  web:ao3  rating:pg-13  *victor/yuuri  *yuri/otabek  writer:kurenaito 
january 2017 by christycorr
“Chief,” Krem warned, finally drawing Bull’s attention. “Watch yourself.”
Come on, Liss brought him. To a party where the only people from the North are a qunari, a mouthy enemy of the state, and a surly elf who hates ‘Vints. She wouldn’t have if she was really concerned.”
fandom:Dragon_Age  pairing:Dorian/Iron_Bull  au  modern!au  christmasfic 
january 2016 by arionchan
Christmas Holiday
“So you did not come here because of us,” Doom said.

Steve held up his hand. “We came here on our honeymoon.”

Doom considered his hand. “That does explain your state of undress.” He tapped his chin with one finger. “Have you a gift registry?”
fandom:Avengers  pairing:Tony/Steve  christmasfic  humor 
january 2016 by arionchan
Get me through December
Steve is in Washington. Tony is in New York. Somehow, they still manage to make a connection, which comes in handy when Steve gets depressed around Christmas.
fandom:Avengers  pairing:Tony/Steve  christmasfic 
january 2016 by arionchan
You Won't Believe What Happens Next
Dorian Pavus started out on the wrong foot with his boss's secretary at Ameridan Press. What happened next will warm your heart.
fandom:Dragon_Age  pairing:Dorian/Iron_Bull  au  modern!au  christmasfic 
december 2015 by arionchan
Er... Mistletoe?
Bilbo's first winter in Erebor, he decides to indulge in some Hobbit traditions. His stupid Dwarrows don't seem to mind. Plus, it has the added bonus of taking his mind off what may be happening between himself and that ridiculously handsome King of his.
fandom:Hobbit  pairing:Thorin/Bilbo  christmasfic 
february 2015 by arionchan
The Road Home - alocalband
“What,” Stiles says, and he’s aware that he doesn’t quite make it a question, but he currently can’t feel his toes so he figures he’s allowed.

“Do you want a ride home or not?” Derek huffs impatiently, each word forming a visible cloud in the cold night air as he digs around in Stiles’ trunk to grab as many bags as he can carry and transfer them to his own car.
oblivious/pining  pining!stiles  pining!derek  fluff  christmasfic  first-time  word:1-5k  #teenwolf  web:ao3  rating:pg-13  *derek/stiles  writer:alocalband 
january 2015 by christycorr
Untitled Christmas tree challenge fic - WhoNatural
“This isn’t gonna be a picnic, Scott. Too many Perfect Trees have been yanked out of my grip by people much more rutheless than you and me.”
first-time  christmasfic  fluff  au  human!au  word:1-5k  #teenwolf  web:othersite  rating:pg-13  *derek/stiles  writer:whonatural 
december 2014 by christycorr
A Very Kaner Christmas - hawksjolras (createadisaster)
Patrick blurts, “I need you to be my Christmas boyfriend.”

“No,” Jonny says. He sounds confused, but in Patrick’s defense, it was a pretty straightforward request. Like, there’s only so much a guy can do.

(A lighthearted Christmas fic featuring a twin size bed, a hand knit scarf, a light-up Rudolph sweater, and a truly embarrassing amount of pining.)

Now deleted. Cached here:
fake-relationship  christmasfic  first-time  angst  oblivious/pining  fluff  word:10-30k  #hockey  web:deadlink  rating:pg-13  *kane/toews  writer:hawsjolras 
may 2014 by christycorr

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