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Splendid Night - Katie Forsythe
the milverton affair, reworked. christmasy and feel-good af. <3

author desc:
A Christmasy spin on MILV with a heart-warming dose of H/W. 14,500 words. Mature.
author:katie-forsythe  fandom:sherlock-holmes-acd  pairing:holmes/watson  category:m/m  length:5-15k  christmas 
yesterday by magalisays
All Must Draw Near - Saras_Girl
the one where draco and harry run a shop together and everyone thinks they're already married. a little OC-heavy but still delightful. saras_girl 2013 advent fic.

author desc:
Harry doesn't have time for rumours; he has a shop to run. Which is just as well, really.
2013  length:50-100k  fandom:harry-potter  pairing:drarry  author:saras_girl  category:m/m  christmas 
4 days ago by magalisays
Helix - Saras_Girl
the one with the snails. saras_girl advent fic 2014.

author desc:
Seven months after the end of the war, Harry is feeling lost. Fortunately, he is about to be offered an unexpected and sparkling chance to find himself again.
2015  length:50-100k  fandom:harry-potter  pairing:drarry  author:saras_girl  category:m/m  christmas 
4 days ago by magalisays
Stop and Stare - Saras_Girl
saras_girl 2015 advent fic, where harry makes magical sheds for a living and draco runs an animal sanctuary

author desc:
Harry’s life is full of care, he has no time to stop or stare; he has no time for anyone’s shit, until his friends aren’t having it. A story about the unravelly things. 2015 advent fic.
2015  length:50-100k  fandom:harry-potter  pairing:drarry  author:saras_girl  category:m/m  christmas 
4 days ago by magalisays
If the Fates Allow - Saras_Girl
saras_girl's 2018 advent fic; they both work at the ministry and they both hate it

author desc:
What's that crackling in the walls?
Harry has no clue at all.
He'll eat some cake and drink some wine
Because he is completely FINE.

--A story about life's disregard for our plans.
2017  length:50-100k  fandom:harry-potter  pairing:drarry  author:saras_girl  category:m/m  christmas 
4 days ago by magalisays
Also when 'tis cold and drear - Garonne - 26k
"In the first months of their acquaintance, Holmes and Watson study each other from a distance, watching and wondering... Contains lunatic aristocratic poets, Christmas dinner, plenty of fog and snow, and other such stuff."
Fandom:Sherlock_Holmes_ACD  Pairing:Sherlock/John  first_time  Character:John_Watson  Character:Sherlock_Holmes  christmas  snow  Rating:Teen 
7 days ago by juniper-and-lamplight
Good Housekeeping Comes To The Mall Of America For A Holiday Season Pop-Up |
The GH Institute is the testing arm of the Good Housekeeping brand – it reviews and ranks many thousands of products per year for the magazine, as well as for its associate web portals, Good Housekeeping Online and Green Good Housekeeping Seal. The pop-up shop brings brands the ability to not only get recommendations from the lab, but also to buy them directly.

Buy them, but not walk out of the shop with them, as one of the design features of the shop is that it will be shoppable with Amazon SmileCodes, which shoppers can use in the Amazon app to pay for their goods and have them delivered to their homes.
amazon  pop-up  Christmas  retail  partnerships  qr  ecommerce  delivery 
8 days ago by dancall

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