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This is dangerous. is a fanatic who would put the lives of , , & at risk in de…
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Claudia Cardinale And The Waning Of Middle East Diversity | MEMRI
One wonders what the Middle East would have become if independence had not brought an overwrought and feverish nationalism appealing to the mob but enlightened and pluralistic societies, or at least a sincere effort to promote such societies. Indeed, it is a great irony to see some Arab governments and Arabic-language media outlets like Al-Jazeera today bewailing the new Western populism with its focus on limiting foreign migrants or refugees given the decades-long trend in the Middle East and North Africa against diversity and in favor of demonizing minorities.
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7 weeks ago by elizrael
A neuroscientist explains why evangelicals are wired to believe Trump's lies
One reason Trump supporters believe his lies comes from a basic fact about the brain: it takes more mental effort to reject an idea as false than to accept it as true. In other words, it’s easier to believe than to not.

This fact is based on a landmark study published in the journal PLOS ONE in 2009, which asked the simple question, how is the brain activated differently during a state of belief compared to a state of disbelief? To test this, participants were asked whether or not they believed in a series of statements while their brain activity was being imaged by an fMRI scanner. Some sentences were simple and fact-based (California is larger than Rhode Island), while others were more abstract and subjective (God probably does not exist). The results showed the activation of distinct but often overlapping brain areas in the belief and disbelief conditions. While these imaging results are complicated to interpret, the electrical patterns also showed something that was fairly straightforward. Overall, there was greater brain activation that persisted for longer during states of disbelief. Greater brain activation requires more cognitive resources, of which there is a limited supply. What these findings show is that the mental process of believing is simply less work for the brain, and therefore often favored. The default state of the human brain is to accept what we are told, because doubt takes effort. Belief, on the other hand, comes easily.

This troubling finding makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint. If children questioned every single fact they were being taught, learning would occur at a rate so slow that it would be a hindrance. But this fact could be just as easily applied to both the political left and right. So how does it explain why conservatives, specifically evangelicals, are so easily duped by Donald Trump?

For Christian fundamentalists, being taught to suppress critical thinking begins at a very early age. It is the combination of the brain’s vulnerability to believing unsupported facts and aggressive indoctrination that create the perfect storm for gullibility. Due to the brain’s neuroplasticity, or ability to be sculpted by lived experiences, evangelicals literally become hardwired to believe far-fetched statements.

This wiring begins when they are first taught to accept Biblical stories not as metaphors for living life practically and purposefully, but as objective truth. Mystical explanations for natural events train young minds to not demand evidence for beliefs. As a result, the neural pathways that promote healthy skepticism and rational thought are not properly developed. This inevitably leads to a greater susceptibility to lying and gaslighting by manipulative politicians, and greater suggestibility in general.
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8 weeks ago by thegrandnarrative
Al-Madiq and Al-Suqaylabiyah: Cross Shelling and Strong Social Bonds - Enab Baladi, Jan 19, 2018
Despite the minorities intimidation of the so-called “terrorists” and the promotion for a chasm in the Syrian social fabric, the commercial and social relations between the Christian city of Al-Suqaylabiyah and its sister town of Qalaat al-Madiq continue to exist.
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july 2018 by elizrael
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Just stop bothering with the christian label alrea…
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RT : need to publicly oppose the views of as ill-informed and dangerous but not his right to ex…
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Christians unfairly targeted for hate crime prosecutions - The Christian InstituteThe Christian Institute
Christians in Britain are being unfairly targeted for hate crime prosecutions, according to a new report by the Civitas think-tank.

The report, entitled A New Inquisition: Religious Persecution in Britain Today, also warns that existing hate crime legislation poses a danger to freedom of speech.

Jon Gower Davies, the report’s author, said: “Some police forces and the CPS [Crown Prosecution Service] seem to be interpreting statutes in favour of ethnic and religious minorities and in a spirit hostile to members of the majority population, defined as ‘White’ or ‘Christian’.”
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march 2018 by cbearden
Christians emerge as key patrons for Jews moving to Israel - ABC News
Of the more than 28,000 Jews who immigrated to Israel in 2017, at least 8,500 arrived thanks to Christian donations, according to official figures and numbers provided by the Fellowship and Jerusalem's International Christian Embassy, another prominent group that raises money from evangelicals. The Jewish Agency receives additional undisclosed funds from other Christian donors, meaning that share could be even higher.
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march 2018 by elizrael

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