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Terry Rush - 'I Am' Identity
Memorial Drive Church of Christ
Sunday, February 18, 2018
Mark 8:30-33; 1 Peter 4:12-13; Philippians 3:7-11
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2 days ago by tdjones
Shon Kendall - Exiled: A Study of Ezekiel - Lesson 6 (Ezekiel 25-37)
Memorial Drive Church of Christ
Sunday, February 18, 2018
Ezekiel 24:25-27; 33:21-33; 34:11-24; 36:22-28; 37:1-14
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2 days ago by tdjones
What did Jesus look like? The image from centuries of Christian art is a lie — Quartz
Over the past few decades, the question of what Jesus looked like has cropped up again and again. Much has been made of a digital reconstruction of a Judaean man created for a BBC documentary, Son of God, in 2001.
2 days ago by jeffhammond
Why Did Christianity Prevail?
How a Forbidden Religion Swept the World By Bart D. Ehrman Ehrman has occasionally responded to personal attacks by the atheist crowd, who do not share his considered equanimity.A true understanding of the forces that shaped Christianity — seemingly familiar but in fact highly arcane — requires the ability to synthesize and express deep learning in a dozen interlocking subjects. Ehrman, who considers himself a historian but has done extensive work in textual criticism, has managed to achieve his remarkable renown by writing a string of best sellers that skillfully mine and simplify his more scholarly work.. throughout history average Christians have proved oddly unwilling to dig into the particularities of their faith, beyond familiarizing themselves with a few tentpole doctrines. They share this reluctance with one of Christianity’s most spectacular converts, the Roman emperor Constantine,.. co-issued the Edict of Milan, granting Christians the right to practice their faith unmolested.In “The Triumph of Christianity,” Ehrman describes the Edict of Milan (which was neither an edict nor written in Milan) as the Western world’s first known government document to proclaim the freedom of belief. At the time, Ehrman notes, “Christianity probably made up 7 to 10 percent of the population of the Roman Empire.” A mere hundred years later, half the empire’s “60 million inhabitants claimed allegiance to the Christian tradition.” Ehrman declares, without hyperbole, “That is absolutely extraordinary.So how did Christianity triumph? To put it plainly, Christianity was something new on this earth. It wasn’t closed to women. It was so concerned with questions of social welfare (healing the sick, caring for the poor) that it embedded them into its doctrines.
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3 days ago by thomas.kochi
Core Module | RZIM Academy
The Core Module is the centerpiece of the RZIM Academy and the starting point for all participants. It is entirely online and offers 26 lectures over 12 weeks featuring some of the most experienced and gifted apologists on the RZIM team. The aim of this program is to help individuals become better equipped to give a reason for the hope that they have. Unlike traditional online classes, this program is designed to offer practical application and a highly interactive environment where all students can receive regular feedback from peers and RZIM Academy moderators. Discussion forums and student blog pages for posting assignments have been customized for this program, and are designed to make it easy for students to quickly provide encouragement or suggestions to their peers and build community as all participants learn together.
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3 days ago by emsih
The Voice Evangelical Men Wish They Had • Fathom Mag
The world that nurtured Millennial and GenZ men is that of exaggerated and romanticized versions of masculine success aimed at winning the validation and affirmation of others. In this perfectionistic world, you never measure up, which forces you to think there’s something ontologically wrong with you. Toxic shame, then, leads men to self-assess as pathetic, weak, worthless, stupid, cowardly, foolish, inadequate, insufficient, or never good enough.

Boomers and GenXers continued to browbeat, berate, and shame Millennials and GenZ teens for trying to numb their shame with drugs, alcohol, video games, sexual promiscuity, pornography, and so on. The shame that young men carried was re-shamed by ministry leaders who wanted these men to feel low enough for the gospel. What they didn’t understand was that these young men were acquainted with lowliness. A large percentage of men born after 1990 already felt weak, beaten down, and worthless. Young men needed empathetic pastors to build them up to be the men that God created them to be.
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4 days ago by isaacsmith
Evo and Proud: The origins of Northwest European guilt culture
Historically, guilt has proven to be a useful adaptation, being part of a larger behavioral package that has enabled Northwest Europeans to adapt to a social environment where kinship matters less and individualism matters more.

16th century onward – Most of Northwest Europe converted to Protestantism, which emphasized the individual’s relationship with God. Faith became interiorized, and behavior became regulated more through the workings of private conscience and less through acts of public worship. Guilt also assumed more importance because it could no longer be routinely purged through confession (Carroll, 1981).

It appears probable that in many areas of England in the period before the Black Death up to half of the adult population were primarily hired laborers. It was not parents and children who formed the basic unit of production, but parents with or without hired labor. This was only made possible by the widespread use of money. The work of Kosminsky and Postan has shown that commutation of labor services for cash was widespread by the middle of the twelfth century. Cash penetrated almost every relationship; selling, mortgaging and lending are apparent in many of the documents. Most objects, from labor to rights in all kinds of property, were marketable and had a price. Production was often for exchange rather than for use.

In Anglo-Saxon England, guilt already existed as a major means of behavioral control. The English abbot Aelfric of Eynsham (955-1010) described it as a special kind of shame where the witnesses to the wrongful act are divine entities or spirits of the dead.

A possibly earlier witness to Anglo-Saxon guilt is the epic poem The Song of Beowulf. The hero’s “dark thoughts” come from private fears of having broken some rule, as opposed to shame over a publicly known wrongdoing.
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4 days ago by zachwtaylor
The Feminist Wife | Commonweal Magazine
When I tell other women the news, I’m embarrassed. I make excuses. Twenty-five (Jared’s age) is almost thirty! Twenty-four (my age) will soon be twenty-five. It’s actually about career; Jared’s salary will free me up to write more. It’s actually about money, tax breaks and shared rent. It’s all practical, I promise. It’s all selfish, really. I make excuses. I rationalize. I play it cool. I implicitly beg. Don’t think that I’m out of the game. Don’t think that I’ll never publish my book. Don’t think I’m not a feminist. Please still take me seriously. Don’t think I’m done.
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4 days ago by jbertsche
The Rabbit Room | You Can’t Have Ethics Without Stories
Biblical illiteracy is a problem, not just for the theological integrity of the church, but for the ethics of our everyday lives. You can’t have morality or justice without stories.
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5 days ago by fairyrevel

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