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The Increase | What Jesus means to me – Nelson Cruz
Christian video interview with Mariners outfielder Nelson Cruz about his faith nad baseball.
Mariners  MLB  Christians_in_Sports  Cruz_Nelson  Christian  Sports_Spectrum 
8 hours ago by milligan00
The Increase | Only By God – Matthew Boyd
Christian article by Tigers pitcher Matthew Boyd about the team's recent Christian Day.
Tigers  MLB  Christians_in_Sports  Boyd_Matthew  Christian  Sports_Spectrum 
8 hours ago by milligan00
Former Super Bowl champion safety James Ihedigbo ordained in ministry - Sports Spectrum
Christian article about recently retired NFL safety James Ihedigbo becoming an ordained elder at his church recently.
NFL  Christians_in_Sports  Ihedigbo_James  Christian  Sports_Spectrum 
14 hours ago by milligan00
National Prayer Breakfast
A sort of backdoor lobbying effort by Christian nationalists; they love Russia
russia  politics  trump  christian  theocracy 
19 hours ago by nelson
Wide receiver Brandin Cooks agrees to 5-year contract extension with Rams - Sports Spectrum
Christian article about Rams wide receiver Brandin Cooks signing a contract extension with the team this week.
Rams  NFL  Christians_in_Sports  Cooks_Brandin  Christian  Sports_Spectrum 
yesterday by milligan00
The Increase | Go. Serve. Give. – Sam Acho
Christian article by Bears linebacker Sam Acho about serving others.
Bears  NFL  Christians_in_Sports  Acho_Sam  Christian  Sports_Spectrum 
yesterday by milligan00
When is it OK to quit church? Here are five reasons to leave
Americans treat church like a product to consume instead of as a family to belong. When we treat church like a product, we consume until our needs are no longer met. When we treat church like a family, we fundamentally understand there are no perfect churches. Like family, every church comes with broken people. That includes the church leadership.Most of the time when someone leaves a church, it’s because a minor issue has grown into a monumental issue to the person or people involved. As Christians, we should examine our motives before we make a decision. Are we running away from a problem? Is there an issue between us and someone else? If so, have we followed Matthew 18 and talked to the person instead of about the person. A dispute does not mean that we leave the church with a critical spirit toward the pastor and staff. If we spread negativity at our church, then the first thing that we should do is STOP! Stop the talk about what we don’t like. Stop negativity generation – it influences others. Negativity breeds more negativity, and our words could destroy God’s work in someone else’s life at that church! Avoid all gossip and talk behind the pastor’s back and just move on gracefully.
Christian  faith  religion 
3 days ago by thomas.kochi
The Increase | Authenticity — Jordan Matthews
Christian article by Patriots wide receiver Jordan Matthews about authenticity.
Patriots  NFL  Christians_in_Sports  Matthews_Jordan  Christian  Sports_Spectrum 
5 days ago by milligan00
(50) You Have a Platform... Use it! by Andrew McCutchen - YouTube
Christian video with Giants outfielder Andrew McCutchen about how everyone has a platform: "A lot of people like to feel that in order to make a difference, you have to be this famous person, or you have to have this much money, but, the matter of fact is, if you're for God, you are making a difference already."
SF_Giants  MLB  Christians_in_Sports  McCutchen_Andrew  Christian  Sports_Spectrum 
6 days ago by milligan00

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