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The Increase | A New Challenge – Luke Weaver
Christian article by Cardinals pitcher Luke Weaver about a new challenge in his Christian walk.
STL_Cardinals  MLB  Christians_in_Sports  Weaver_Luke  Christian  Sports_Spectrum 
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What Kyle Korver Reminds Us About Grief | Athletes in Action
Christian article (with videos) about Cavaliers forward Kyle Korver dealing with the sudden death of his brother recently.
Cavaliers  NBA  Christians_in_Sports  Korver_Kyle  Christian  AIA 
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Three prospects to watch during 2018 NFL Draft - Sports Spectrum Magazine
Christian article about 3 top prospects in the NFL Draft: Alabama safety Minkah Fitzpatrick, SMU wide receiver Courtland Sutton, and Oklahoma State quarterback Mason Rudolph.
Alabama  SMU  Oklahoma_State  NCAA  NFL  NFL_Draft  Christians_in_Sports  Fitzpatrick  Sutton_Courtland  Rudolph_Mason  Christian  Sports_Spectrum 
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WI&G Radio
Welcome To Our New Internet Radio Station!
Music  Radio  gospel  smooth  jazz  quartet  christian  rock  rap  techno  trance  house  instrumental  -  Streaming  Web  Internet  Station  Promote  Your 
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The Increase | A Step of Faith – Jordan Matthews
Christian article by Patriots wide receiver Jordan Matthews about taking a step of faith.
Patriots  NFL  Christians_in_Sports  Matthews_Jordan  Christian  Sports_Spectrum 
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Jake Locker says faith in Christ factored into his decision to retire from NFL in 2015 - Sports Spectrum Magazine
Christian article about former Titans quarterback Jake Locker and how his faith was important in his decision the retire a few years ago.
Titans  NFL  Christians_in_Sports  Locker_Jake  Christian  Sports_Spectrum 
2 days ago by milligan00
Mason Rudolph trusting in God as he prepares for NFL Draft - Sports Spectrum Magazine
Christian article about former Oklahoma State quarterback Mason Rudolph trusting God as he prepares for the NFL Draft.
Oklahoma_State  NCAA  NFL  Christians_in_Sports  Rudolph_Mason  Christian  Sports_Spectrum 
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The Gubbio Project on Vimeo
The Gubbio Project is stationed at St. Boniface Church in the Tenderloin. Weekdays 6am-3pm, The Gubbio Project offers a place for the homeless to rest and eat within the walls of the church. No one is ever turned away, and all are treated with dignity. The Gubbio Project also provides blankets, socks, hygiene kits, referrals to outside services and resources, interfaith chaplain services, foot care (with a Registered Nurse Foot Care Specialist), and massage services.
For my Audio Production final project at USF, I decided to visit The Gubbio Project and get to know some individuals who frequented the shelter. There, I met and interviewed Irene and Calvin. Listen to and watch my piece centered around humanizing the homeless. My experiences at The Gubbio Project inspire me to live a life of love and gratitude because even the homeless do exactly that, despite their unique struggles.
Gubbio_Project  SanFrancisco  video  Christian 
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Christian Balvig
artist, composer, pianist, keyboardist, arranger, filmscorer, teacher
christian  balvig  composer  danish  filmmusic  film  music 
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The Increase | Complete Surrender – Matthew Boyd
Christian article by Tigers pitcher Matthew Boyd about completely surrendering to God.
Tigers  MLB  Christians_in_Sports  Boyd_Matthew  Christian  Sports_Spectrum 
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