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Liam hires Christian for the night, but when the night's over, he's interested in more than one night's work. Christian's never spent the night with someone who has this kind of money before, and money sometimes makes all the difference in the world.
copytofile  rps  Batman  d/s  bdsm  whorefic  au  liam/christian  christian/sean  humiliation 
september 2012 by kitsune_kitana
One More Day With You by Candy Apple
When Sean calls on Christian for help in coping with a personal crisis, Christian re-evaluates his plans for his final months, his feelings for his partner, and what having a family really means.
>80000  christian/sean  delicious-export  epic  first-time  hurt/comfort  nip/tuck  romance  unread 
april 2009 by lambourngb
The Perfect Woman by RivkaT
“Sean, Sean was sweet,” she says. “He always worked so hard to make sure I was having a good time.” He looks up at her and sees a flash of something - satisfaction? - cross her face and disappear into her mask of enjoyment, her eyes slitted near-shut, her cheeks pink with exertion.
>1500  christian/other  christian/sean  delicious-export  fucked-up  het  nip/tuck  pre-slash  repressed 
march 2009 by lambourngb
Distance by khohen
“You wanna know why I’ve been distant? Do you? Really?”
>1500  angst  christian/sean  delicious-export  nip/tuck  unrequited 
march 2009 by lambourngb
So Much More Than You've Been by fryadvocate
Christian held his hand up to the light and looked at the ocean through the spaces between his fingers. "Do you ever wonder if this was how it was supposed to be all along?"
>2000  au  christian/julia  christian/sean  death  delicious-export  het  nip/tuck  unrequited 
march 2009 by lambourngb
Relative by kel
For about a year when Christian was a kid, he had an elaborate fantasy where some older woman -- usually a nurse, but sometimes a swim instructor -- would see the fist-shaped birthmark on his left shoulder blade and realize that he was her long-lost son, the one she'd given up any hope of locating ever since she woke up from her five-year coma. The ironic part was that the birth mark faded away to nothing but a ghost of pigment variation by the time he was thirteen. The really ironic part was that he grew up to have a kid he didn't know about, and the kid hadn't spent any time looking for him at all.
>3000  angst  au  christian/sean  christian/sean/julia  delicious-export  infidelity  introspective  nip/tuck 
march 2009 by lambourngb
Happiness Is Not A Fish You Can Catch by kel
"U THINK THAT U R GIVING PPL HAPPIENESS BY SUCKING THERE FAT AND CUTTING THERE FACES BUT U R NOT U HAVE NO IDEA WHAT REAL HAPPIENESS LOOKS LIKE." The letter was written in felt-tipped marker and the shape of the printing suggested that the author had gripped the pen with their fist as they spelled out each word. Christian thought that one was hilarious.
>2500  angst  au  christian/sean  christian/sean/julia  delicious-export  nip/tuck  threesome 
march 2009 by lambourngb
Happiness is Not a Fish You Can Catch
Ways in which Sean and Christian and Julia are together and apart.
nip/tuck  christian/sean  christian/sean/julia  threesome  slash 
december 2006 by melissaukgirl
New York
Maybe Christian is already asleep and baiting Sean in his dreams.
nip/tuck  christian/sean  slash  coda  mandysbitch  nc-17  unread 
september 2006 by golosina
Five times Sean and Christian could have realized they're in love with each other. [wearemany]
Sean puts his arm around Christian, cups his shoulder in his hand. "You'll figure it out." He kisses Christian's temple. "We'll figure it out together. We always do."
niptuck  fic  christian/sean 
september 2006 by brandnewkindof

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