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I've done some things that I shouldn't have done (but I haven't stopped loving you once) by musette22
After the release of Infinity War, Chris and Sebastian each take some time off to recharge. Chris is staying in Scarlett’s lake cabin on his own and invites Sebastian up to come and spend some time with him. Due to busy work schedules and a number of other, more personal reasons, Chris and Seb haven't been as close lately, something which neither of them are very happy about. This mini-vacation presents a chance for them to revive their friendship and maybe (definitely) explore if there might be something more. Over the course of a week, and with a little help from meddling friends and co-stars, the boys learn to build bridges, to be vulnerable and take chances, and to stop letting fear rule their lives.
mcu_rpf  chrisevans/sebastianstan  musette22  wordcount:50.000-74.999  to_read  h/c  first-time  rimming 
7 weeks ago by tittakv
Evanstan Round Robin 2018 by Brenda, Ediblecrayon, MarcellaBianca, TJ_Mason, gingertintedglasses, luninosity, musette22, worrisomeme
Chris returns home at the holidays after almost a decade living out-of-state. He's not home 24 hours before he runs into his high school sweetheart, Sebastian.
mcu_rpf_au  chrisevans/sebastianstan  azewewish  luninosity  marcellabianca  worrisomeme  wordcount:10.000-19.999 
9 weeks ago by tittakv
When You're Feeling Better by Catchclaw
Chris is not panicking about his kid being sick at school, he's not. But he is kinda thrown that the school nurse is so, uh, hot.
mcu_rpf_au  chrisevans/sebastianstan  catchclaw  kidfic  wordcount:1.000-1.999 
11 weeks ago by tittakv
a heart to be a part of by betoning
They are supposed to pass each other by. Miss each other, not by a hairsbreadth but by miles, due to schedules that don’t line up at all. Sebastian left LA last night, and Chris has only just come back. Their planes weren’t even on each other’s radars.
mcu_rpf  chrisevans/sebastianstan  betoning  wordcount:2.000-4.999 
september 2018 by tittakv
How It Ends by Anonymous
They’ve got it down to a science by now.

(In which Chris feels too much (partially but not exclusively related to a certain scene in Avengers: Infinity War), Sebastian understands everything, and the meaning of love is inadvertently revealed between two pairs of lips.)
mcu_rpf_au  chrisevans/sebastianstan  anon  wordcount:5.000-9.999 
may 2018 by tittakv
In Collision by boopboop
Chris has spent entirely one weekend with Sebastian. One weekend, now almost a month ago, in which they did little more than eat pizza and watch movies and absolutely did not do what was previously planned. Either Sebastian lied about the night, or no explicit details were asked, and talks between their two sides have continued relatively smoothly and in no way does it explain why, at assfuck o’clock in the morning, Sebastian is standing in their nice, respectable converted warehouse, barefoot, wrapped in a large, ill fitting leather trench coat, absolutely drenched in blood.
mcu_rpf_au  chrisevans/sebastianstan  boopboop  wordcount:2.000-4.999  injury  angst 
may 2018 by tittakv
the ripples of us by betoning
In which Sebastian has thought too much of the phrase 'I'm in love with you'.
mcu_rpf  chrisevans/sebastianstan  betoning  wordcount:2.000-4.999 
april 2018 by tittakv
when i'm with you by betoning
In which a lovesick Sebastian is about to leave the dinner Team Cap filmed with Chelsea Handler.
mcu_rpf  chrisevans/sebastianstan  betoning  first-time  wordcount:5.000-9.999 
april 2018 by tittakv
lie here with me by betoning
The four nights they fall asleep, and the one night confessions fall out.
mcu_rpf  chrisevans/sebastianstan  betoning  wordcount:5.000-9.999 
april 2018 by tittakv
night flowers colored like your eyes by luninosity
The afterparty’s going to be big; the noise already cascades and crashes from hotel walls. Stupendous premiere. Exultant. Everybody high on adrenaline and afterglow. Incisive successful social commentary, a playwright’s words right up next to an audience, and Chris blushing while taking a bow.

Sebastian had cheered—probably too loudly—and maybe it’d been his imagination that Chris had looked his way, had blushed more, had shaped his name with those lips, too quietly to hear.
mcu_rpf  chrisevans/sebastianstan  luninosity  wordcount:2.000-4.999 
april 2018 by tittakv
what was to be by betoning
He dreams of Chris, the way he so often does because the man frequents his waking thoughts too much to ever really leave Sebastian’s consciousness, and he wakes up with his emotions scattered all around him, tangled in the sheets and ruining the calm that he has been careful to build up since the first, fateful day when his heart – his entire body – fell in love with Chris Evans.
mcu_rpf  chrisevans/sebastianstan  betoning  wordcount:5.000-9.999 
april 2018 by tittakv
the sound of rain on tin by luninosity
Okay, Bucky thought. He could deal with sudden universe-hopping. He’d seen weirder things. Hell, he himself probably counted as a weirder thing, brainwashed cryogenically frozen former legendary assassin and all.

Chris, who looked like Steve, but who wasn't Steve, stared at him some more.
avengers_au  mcu_rpf_au  steverogers/buckybarnes  chrisevans/sebastianstan  luninosity  crossover  angst  h/c  wip  wordcount:10.000-19.999 
march 2018 by tittakv
cold hands, warm hearts by Claudia_flies
“Chris,” Sebastian asks with a sense of foreboding. “Where are we going?”

“Well, I kind of saw that interview you did in New York, at the ice rink,” Chris admits sheepishly.
mcu_rpf  chrisevans/sebastianstan  claudia_flies  wordcount:2.000-4.999  schmoop 
december 2017 by tittakv
All the things we leave unsaid by Claudia_flies
Chris blames the costume department for that. Blames Judianna personally for that fucking red henley Sebastian is wearing right now.
mcu_rpf_au  chrisevans/sebastianstan  claudia_flies  alpha/beta/omega  sextoys  wordcount:5.000-9.999 
december 2017 by tittakv
every inch of north and south (I want all of you) by luninosity
The famous actor-director Chris Evans, currently hexed into the shape of a not-very-recognizable but very enthusiastic breed of puppy, tries to turn to bark at his brother, sticks a paw into Sebastian’s scrying-bowl, and yelps. Water splashes. Silver rattles.

Sebastian dives in, grabs an armful of the famous actor-director Chris Evans, and announces, nose to nose, “I’m really more of a cat person.”
mcu_rpf_au  chrisevans/sebastianstan  luninosity  wordcount:2.000-4.999 
september 2017 by tittakv
In So Many Words by concavepatterns
A series of Evanstan ficlets based on the prompt list 'ways to say I love you'.
mcu_rpf  chrisevans/sebastianstan  concavepatterns  schmoop  humour  wip  wordcount:50.000-74.999 
september 2017 by tittakv

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