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US governor rejects measure to ban child marriage
The governor of New Jersey declined to sign a measure into law on Thursday that would have made the U.S. state the first to ban child marriage without exception.

Republican Chris Christie, a supporter of President Donald Trump, said such a ban would conflict with religious customs.

Underage marriage is widespread in the United States, where about 170,000 children were wed between 2000 and 2010 in 38 of the 50 states where data was available, according to activists.

Although age 18 is the minimum for marriage in most of the nation, every state has legal loopholes allowing children to wed.

The New Jersey bill would have prohibited any marriage of children under age 18.

Christie conditionally vetoed the measure, sending it back to the state legislature with proposed changes. He said it should have an exception so a judge can approve marriages for 16- and 17-year-olds.

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may 2017 by Psook
Trump, Christie, Cruz, Rubio: What They Share, Where They Differ
As we near the end of the pre-season in this election cycle, voters in the early states are starting to look closely at the candidates for the first time. Over the past few days, I’ve tried to get a sense of what those who are really paying attention are hearing the candidates say.
america  anger  chris_christie  donald_trump  election  marco_rubio  politics  republicans  ted_cruz 
january 2016 by rufous
The Real Story Behind the Fort Dix Five Terror Plot
A truly insane story about a supposedly foiled terrorist plot planned for the Fort Dix army base. Three of the men arrested in the plot were brothers: Dritan, Shain, and Eljvir Duka. They had come to the United States from Albania along with their parents in search of a better life, when they came under the eye of the FBI after sending a video of their vacation (which involved going to a shooting range) to Circuit City for processing. What happens afterward is truly horrifying, as the FBI sent agent provocateurs to slowly but surely weasel enough "evidence" out of the Dukas to convince a jury that they were planning a terror plot. In reality, there was no such plot planned, but that didn't stop the state from sentencing all three brothers to life in prison. To make matters worse, two of those sentences are being served in the inhumanely brutal ADX Supermax.
terrorism  racism  chris_christie 
july 2015 by fraaz
Christie Linked to Knowledge of Shut Lanes -
Chris Christie claims that he had no knowledge of the George Washington Bridge lane closures until after they had occurred, but the lawyer of David Wildstein is claiming that "evidence exists" which ties Christie to the lane closures. The letter from Wilstein's lawyer only briefly discusses this, as the majority of the letter itself is in regards to the payment of Wildstein's legal fees.
politics  law  chris_christie 
february 2014 by fraaz
Christie’s Traffic and Hillary’s War Decision-Making Are Reminders That a Politician’s Job Is To Get Elected, No Matter the Human Cost
The next time someone says the scope of democracy should expand because corporations are self-interested and "public servants" are not, remind him that he's living in a fantasy universe.
politicians  politics  democracy  self-interest  Chris_Christie  Hillary_Clinton  Matt_Welch 
january 2014 by ehanneken
Stories Add Up as Bully Image Trails Christie -
It was the governor’s penchant for confrontation that first propelled him onto the national stage in 2010. As he pushed to cut public employee benefits, his staff celebrated video clips of him dressing down teachers at town hall-style meetings by posting them on YouTube. (“You want to come up here? Come up here,” the governor said to one teacher, a fellow Republican, who hesitated until the governor’s security state troopers gave him no choice. Wagging a finger, Mr. Christie lectured the man, then dismissed him from the hall.)
Chris_Christie  corruption  Republicans 
december 2013 by chrisrusak
Is Chris Christie A Good Governor?
Does Chris Christie have qualifications to lead the nation? Or has his confrontational style masked a public official with few real accomplishments?
elections  politics  2016  chris_christie 
november 2013 by reagan
For Christie Republicans, the message is no message
Who's responsible for the failure of the Republicans to capitalize on that Christie landslide? Just about all the party leaders
new_jersey  chris_christie  republicans  state_legislatures 
november 2013 by reagan
Republican Elites Sought 'White Knight' to Defeat Romney/Santorum in 2012 Primary
The long Republican primary process preceding the 2012 election and Mitt Romney's inability to win a decisive victory against Rick Santorum had many in the GOP political establishment searching for a "white knight" says the new book "Double Down" from journalists Mark Halperin and John Heilemann.
2012  elections  mitt_romney  chris_christie  paul_ryan  mitch_daniels  john_boehner 
november 2013 by reagan

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