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La Casa, Les gris colorés, Les spectateurs. Victor Hussenot (Warum, La 5ème Couche, Gallimard) – Yellow Fast & Crumble
I just starred La Casa, Les gris colorés, Les spectateurs. Victor Hussenot (Warum, La 5ème Couche, Gallimard) on Inoreader
Comics  Chris  Ware 
7 days ago by ninthart
Kendal Calling: An Interview with Benoît Peeters, the UK’s Professor of Graphic Fiction and Comic Art –
I just starred Kendal Calling: An Interview with Benoît Peeters, the UK’s Professor of Graphic Fiction and Comic Art on Inoreader
Comics  Chris  Ware 
9 days ago by ninthart
Kendal Calling… award-winning comic creators Metaphrog –
I just starred Kendal Calling… award-winning comic creators Metaphrog on Inoreader
Comics  Chris  Ware 
16 days ago by ninthart
Stumbling and Mumbling: Power: the missing ingredient
What people in deprived areas are deprived of is not (merely) money; in any historic or global perspective, the average tenant in such areas is amazingly prosperous.
Instead, what they lack is a feeling of power. From childhood, through schooling and into meaningless jobs, the poor learn that they have little ability to control or improve their own lives. This leads them to tolerate bad behaviour and littered environments in a way that richer people – who have a (possibly inflated) sense of their power – do not. They just feel that they don’t have the power to change things.
Worse still, if people think they lack control over their lives, they will naturally behave badly – because what is the advantage in doing otherwise?
Could it be, then, that one solution to the problem of anti-social behaviour is to give power to the poor, ideally from an early age. If you bring democracy into workplaces, estates and even schools, people will get the impression that they can change things. This will give a sense of empowerment that will encourage people to intervene to counteract anti-social behaviour. The advantage of democracy - proper democracy, not an occasional choice between identical managerialists - is that it, eventually, changes the culture for the better.
Alexis de Tocqueville made just this point. The great benefit of democracy, he said, is that it (in the long-run) creates a civic spirit, and an active interest in improving one’s community:
Civic spirit is inseperable from the exercise of political rights…How is it that in the United States…that each man is as interested in the affairs of his township, of his canton, and of the whole state, as he is of his own affairs? It is because each man in his sphere takes an active part in the government of society…Democracy does not provide people with the most skilful of governments, but it does that which the most skilful government often cannot do; it spreads throughout the body social a restless activity, a superabundant force, and energy never found elsewhere, which, however little favoured by circumstance, can do wonders. (Democracy in America Ch 6.)
Sure, I’m not saying this is the only solution. But it’s one that the managerialists are overlooking.
work  poverty  Chris  Dillow 
24 days ago by ernie.bornheimer
You're The Worst GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
GIF sad, fight, couple, cars, gretchen, jimmy, fxx, you're the worst, aya cash, chris geere Giphy ______
sad  fight  couple  cars  gretchen  jimmy  fxx  you're  the  worst  aya  cash  chris  geere  wynajem  samochody  auta 
29 days ago by architektura
More than 14 Million Verizon Customers’ records exposed by a third party firm
Data belonging to 14 million U.S.-based Verizon customers have been exposed on an unprotected AWS Server by a partner of the telecommunications company.
breaking  news  data  breach  chris  vickery  leak  hacking  verizon 
4 weeks ago by SecurityFeed
Comics Workbook | thebristolboard: Original one-page strip by Chris...
I just starred thebristolboard:Original one-page strip by Chris Ware from Acme... on Inoreader
Comics  Chris  Ware 
6 weeks ago by ninthart
High-Low: Comics-As-Poetry #8: Andrew White, Part IV
I just starred Comics-As-Poetry #8: Andrew White, Part IV on Inoreader
Comics  Chris  Ware 
7 weeks ago by ninthart
Ezra Claytan Daniels Talks His Influences and winning the Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity in Comics | Graphic Policy
I just starred Ezra Claytan Daniels Talks His Influences and winning the Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity in Comics on Inoreader
Comics  Chris  Ware 
7 weeks ago by ninthart

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