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ink_like_blood - 'Best Thing That I’ve Ever Found' - Tom Hardy/Chris Pine/Benedict Cumberbatch - NC-17
"Oh for fuck’s sake, Tom," Tom hears as the door opens behind him.

"You're an eavesdropping bastard," Tom says as he turns, and Benedict is standing the doorway, his ivory button down rolled halfway up his forearms, hands on his hips.

"You flew me out here to sleep with your costar?" Ben asks, eyebrows almost to his hairline."

rps  chrispine  tomhardy  benedictcumberbatch  chris/omc  pine/hardy/cumberbatch 
november 2010 by _faeriequeen
RANDOM CAPITALS - Fic: Wand of Light, Chapter 5/5
Healing tantric peen AU - 1&2. Zach's a tantric sex worker who is here to help Chris fully realize his inner gay god.
3&4. Zach the Tantric Porn Monk may have healed Chris both inside and out, but does he need a little healing himself?
5. Zach's a tantra love god, Chris is his mortal loverrr
fic  author:beedlebarg  tantra  tantric-sex  fanfiction  slash  nc-17  adult  language  bj  bottom!kirk  sensual  hot  smut  dirtytalk  orgasm-denial  public  first-time  sex-worker!zach  zacharyquinto  zach/chris  chrispine  pinto  spirituality  lovely  pining!zach  pining!chris  love  romance  chris/omc  rps  rpf 
september 2010 by jumpmybones
retrofit88: lgbtfest - Real Genius: "Moles, Trolls, and Moral Imperatives" by Retrofit
Prompt: Real Genius, Chris Knight, It's not the homophobia on a guy-packed science-intensive college campus that's keeping him from coming out as bi. It's more the fact that the only guy pinging on his radar is Kent. (Whether he's wrong about this is up to the author.)
real_genius  chris/omc  fanfiction 
july 2010 by kellyfaboo
The Same Inside by Helen (Popslash, Chris/Joey, 18 260 words)
"Somehow, in the night, Chris had turned into a girl."
The original wakes up a girl -story.
fic  popslash  genderfuck  chris/joey  chris/omc  by:helenish 
july 2010 by inna
sparky77 - 'The George Clooney Experience' - Pinto, Chris/George Clooney, Pinto/Clooney - R
'George breaks a rule, Chris is kind of slutty, Zach continues to be awesome, and they all live happily ever after.'
Loltastic crack; Pinto + George Clooney!
crack  humour  rps  zach/chris  chris/omc  zach/chris/omc 
may 2010 by _faeriequeen
Eleven Conversations About One Thing (1/2)
The fact is that Chris has exactly two levels of interpersonal boundaries: 1) the Great Wall of China and 2) nothing.
the-deep-magic  startrek  RPS  Chris/Zach  Chris/OMC  developing-relationship  firsttime  firstkiss  NC-17  cute  slightangst 
march 2010 by adafrog
the_deep_magic: 'Unfaithful' - Pinto - NC-17
Zach/OFC + Chris/OMC
“they're not exclusive, and they describe their encounters with other people to each other and get really turned on. jealousy, dirty talk, etc...”
rps  zach/chris  zach/ofc  chris/omc 
february 2010 by _faeriequeen
trek_rpf_kink: Star Trek RPF kink meme - PART TWO
Chris Pine's cocksucker lips attract a lot of attention. They always have. That's always what men what from him, his blue eyes staring up at them while he works his mouth over their dicks, and when he's done he gets a handjob or a raging set of blue balls and he's sent on his way. It's miserable and it makes him feel cheap, worthless, angsty as all fuck.

I need: 5 guys who had Chris suck their dicks, and 1 guy who made love to him.
bj  chrispine  chris/omc  zacharyquinto  zach/chris  kink  five-times/things  pinto  rpf  rps  slash  nc-17  DSLs  fic  fanfiction  startrek!rps 
august 2009 by jumpmybones
trek_rpf_kink: Star Trek RPF Kink Meme
zach thinks chris is straight (or, at least, that's why chris thinks zach hasn't made a move yet), so chris goes around slutting it up with all these random guys to try to get zach's attention.
slash  fic  fanfiction  nc-17  adult  rps  r  hot  rpf  zacharyquinto  teasing  zach/chris  chrispine  startrek!rps  pinto  chris/omc 
june 2009 by jumpmybones
Star Trek RPF Kink Meme - Star Trek RPF Kink Meme
To get Zach's attention he decides to start sleeping with random men even though he hasn't done it before.
newstartrek  rps  zach/chris  chris/omc  jealousy  pining  straight!Chris 
june 2009 by mklutz
No pSeud Attached - popslash archive
There was a big distinction in Chris's mind between actual prostitution and occasionally giving blowjobs in exchange for money. It wasn't a distinction he could really put into words, but he set a lot of store by it.
popslash  fic  chris/omc  justin/omc  chris  justin 
may 2007 by elucidate_this

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