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State Rep. and local leaders visit chemical plant after fire
State Representative Wendell Gilliard and community leaders met with managers of the Lanxess chemical plant in Charleston today.

Last week, a phosphorous leak ignited a fire that kept fire and hazmat crews busy for hours.

Phosphorus ignites when it touches air, explained plant manager Jean-Francois Berthiaume.

Rep. Gilliard used to work at the site when it was run by a different company.

Monday, he sent a letter to the plant expressing his concerns about the recent chemical leak and a chlorine leak in May that “resulted in plant workers needing medical treatment.”
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Bleach-filled buckets near vacant home prompt hazmat investigation
SAN DIEGO -- Officials were investigating a potential hazmat situation in Ramona Wednesday afternoon, Cal Fire said.

Residents began noticing a chlorine smell around 4:20 p.m. coming from three five-gallon buckets at a vacant house along the 1000 block of D Street near 10th Street.

Firefighters and county hazmat officials arrived at the house to find bleach inside the buckets sitting on the front porch.

Officials alerted nearby neighbors of the situation but did not order any evacuations.

A county hazmat team was called in to remove the chemicals.
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1 dead, several ill after chemical accident at Buffalo Wild Wings in Massachusetts
One person was killed and 10 other people were sickened in a chemical accident at a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant Thursday in Burlington, Massachusetts, authorities said.

A restaurant employee was rushed to a hospital after being exposed to sodium hypochlorite, a powerful cleaning agent, and died shortly thereafter, Michael Patterson, assistant chief of the Burlington Fire Department, told reporters Thursday night. The worker told firefighters who arrived on the scene that he was feeling nauseated after breathing in fumes.

"Anyone who was in the restaurant at the time and believes they may be impacted by the incident should seek medical treatment immediately," the fire department said in a statement.

Two customers and eight other employees were treated at hospitals, Patterson said. They were believed to have not been seriously stricken, he said.

"What we believe happened is a worker at Buffalo Wild Wings used a cleaning agent on the floor. The cleaning agent is Super 8. The chemical definition or chemical identification is sodium hypochlorite," Patterson said. "What sodium hypochlorite is a high concentration of chlorine."
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HAZMAT Incident In Karn's Meadow – Jackson Hole Radio
Jackson Hole Fire/EMS was called to mitigate a chlorine gas leak at the Karns Meadow well house Tuesday morning. Upon arrival, responders recognized the hazard of the leak and requested assistance from the Region 8 Emergency Response Team.  Team members donned their Level A hazmat suites and made entry into the well house. Two compressed cylinders of chlorine gas were turned off and gas levels were monitored to ensure the leak had been terminated. Jackson’s water manager John Ryan blames the leak on a broken valve between the two cylinders. Emergency responders worked for two hours to ensure public and responder safety as the hazard was being mitigated. No area evacuations were required. The Town of Jackson Public Works staff provided critical information for the mitigation crew throughout the event. The Region 8 Response Team consists of 17 multiagency members who receive specialized training for incidents involving hazardous materials or bomb threats.
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Tillamook Fire District responds to HAZMAT incident at Shilo Inn
Tillamook Fire District responded to a report of a Hazardous Materials incident at 10:08 a.m., Wednesday, Oct. 16, at the Shilo Inn in Tillamook.

The accidental mixing of muriatic acid with chlorine resulted in two employees requiring medical attention at the Tillamook Emergency Room (ER) for breathing problems.

They were driven to the ER in a personally owned vehicle prior to emergency responders arriving at the incident. One employee was evaluated and released and the other remained in the ER for treatment and monitoring.
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Truck hauling acid, chlorine caught fire in Buffalo County
Buffalo County (WQOW) — A hazmat team was called in after a truck hauling acid and chlorine caught fire Tuesday in the Town of Alma.

Buffalo County Sheriff Michael Schmidtknecht said it happened around 1:42 p.m. on County Highway S near Richard Dierauer Road.

The truck belonged to Bob’s Surge of Arcadia. The driver told investigators he first noticed smoke in the engine compartment. When he went to inspect the engine, he saw flames inside. He told investigators that he attempted to put it out with a small fire extinguisher, but the fire was too large so he called 911.

Sheriff Schmidtknecht said when deputies arrived on the scene, the truck was engulfed in flames. Officials learned the truck was hauling 75 gallons of acid and 75 gallons of chlorine. Several fire departments were able to work together to contain the blaze before any barrels caught on fire.

The La Crosse County Hazmat team was called in to assist in the case. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.
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Chemical spill leads to evacuation of Lincoln Tech building
ASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Several people were exposed to chlorine and other chemicals after a chemical spill at Lincoln Tech on Gallatin Avenue.

The building was evacuated Thursday morning as hazmat crews work to stabilize the incident.

The Nashville Fire Department said some have reported having difficulty breathing and nausea. Medics are on scene treating patients who are complaining of respiratory illnesses. At least eight others have been transported to separate hospitals, with four going to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, three to TriStar Skyline Medical Center, and one to Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital.
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Hazmat crews respond to chlorine leak at Norman Water Treatment Plant
NORMAN, Okla. – Hazmat crews have contained a chlorine leak at the water treatment plant in Norman.

Crews responded to the 3000 block of East Robinson before 2 p.m. Friday.

Norman Fire Chief Travis King said that a valve malfunctioned on a cylinder that was being connected, and it began leaking chlorine.
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2 Injured in Chlorine Leak at Saputo Cheese Plant
Two people were transported to a hospital last Thursday morning after they were exposed to chlorine in the Saputo Cheese plant in Alto, WI, the Fond Du Lac County Sheriff’s Office announced in a recent press release. 

The workers were reportedly switching out canisters of chlorine when the incident occurred and then they had breathing difficulties. Crews responded to the facility at about 7:40 a.m., the sheriff’s office said, and an ambulance transported the two people to a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

125 other workers evacuated the Saputo plant and were taken to the Alto Community Center. After a HAZMAT team ventilated the facility, the scene handed back to Saputo personnel at about 2:40 p.m. 
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Over-Chlorinated Hot Tub Proves Hazardous In Falmouth
The Falmouth Fire/Rescue Department responded to a hazardous materials call on Seapit Road in Waquoit on Friday, September 20. 

According to a Facebook post by fire department personnel, "the homeowner accidentally over-chlorinated an indoor hot tub, resulting in high levels of chlorine in the home." 

The responding incident commander requested a Tier 1 hazmat response from the regional HazMat team. The HazMat team includes representatives from the Falmouth, Mashpee, Yarmouth, Dennis and Freetown Fire Departments under the supervision of Chief Pete Burke of the Hyannis Fire Department.

The house was cleared in approximately one hour. There were no injuries to the residents or responding firefighters. 

Reports indicate "the crew from Engine 25 was able to successfully remove the family cat from the home unharmed."
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Salem Holiday Inn evacuated after chemical fumes sickens three
SALEM — The Salem Fire Department evacuated the 109-room Holiday Inn at 1 Keewaydin Drive in Salem Friday afternoon after people in the building fell ill from chemical fumes.

Battalion Chief Craig Lemire said the fumes originated in the indoor pool area after maintenance workers mixed hydrochloric acid with chlorine, apparently in a mistaken attempt to prepare the pool cleaning chemicals.

Lemire said one maintenance worker became sick along with two restaurant workers in a Margaritas Mexican Restaurant located in the floor above the pool after the fumes wafted through the ventilation system.

“The main health risk would be inhalation hazards; nausea, vomiting, exactly what they had,” Lemire said.
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Saputo Cheese evacuated near Waupun after chemical spill
ALTO, Wis. (WMTV)-- Two people were taken to a hospital after a chemical spill at Saputo Cheese USA, Inc. in Alto. The town is five miles north of Waupun.

According to Alto Fire Chief Cory Kok, the chemical spill was reported at 7:40 a.m. Thursday. He said an employee was filling a chlorine cylinder, and it began leaking chlorine. The cause of the leak is unknown.

Kok said the cylinder stopped leaking, but there are concerns about chlorine gas in the building. Around 11:30 a.m. Thursday, he said they were starting the process of ventilating the building.

A Hazardous Materials team from the Fond Du Lac Fire Department assisted as well as units from Waupun Fire Department.
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Fire Rescue contains chlorine leak at water filtration plant – Ladysmith Chronicle
Ladysmith Fire Rescue responded to a chlorine leak at the water filtration plant Tuesday, September 17.

The leak was contained within the plant. No injuries or illnesses were reported from the leak. Fire rescue was called to go in to the building and shut off the valve to stem the flow of chlorine. Workers were conducting routine maintenance when the leak occurred.

“We had to go in with our hazmat suits and shut it down,” Fire Chief Ray Delcourt said. “Our role is to go in there and shut the valves off, or close off the leak, that was our duty to go in there.”

Ladysmith Fire Rescue contained the leak within three hours. Trails around the water filtration plant were closed to minimize risks to public health from the leak, and the worksite was evacuated. Trails in the area are now open and safe to use.
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Chemical leak spawns hazmat evacuations in Chandler
CHANDLER, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) – A chemical leak forced employees of several Chandler businesses to evacuate their building Monday afternoon.

It happened in the area south of Elliot Road between Arizona Avenue and McQueen roads.

According to the Chandler Fire Department, a chemical used to purify swimming pool and spa water was leaking from a cracked container.

The container was holding 1,500 pounds of dichlor.

“Dichlor is 80 percent available chlorine and will off-gas,” according to “This is a critical consideration when opening a container of dichlor.”
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Hazmat team, firefighters respond to chlorine leak in Unity
A Unity man who mixed chlorine in his house Thursday night needed the assistance of Westmoreland County’s hazardous materials team and local firefighters because of the fumes in his residence, a county public safety supervisor said.

The man who lives along Primrose Lane in the township’s East High Acres neighborhood was mixing chlorine for his swimming pool, the public safety supervisor said. Firefighters were alerted to the problem at 9:20 p.m.

When chlorine gas comes into contact with moist tissue such as in the eyes, throat, and lungs, an acid is produced that can damage those tissues, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.
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Eight people including two children receive treatment after chemicals mixed in school pool area
TWO children are among eight people who were treated by paramedics after chemicals were accidentally mixed in a pool area at Ballarat Specialist School in Wendouree this morning.

The group were treated for symptoms including breathing difficulties after chlorine and hyrdochloric acid were unintentionally mixed together by a staff member.

The area including adjoining rooms were evacuated.

Fortunately, none of those treated at the scene required hospitalisation.

The area including adjoining rooms were evacuated.
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Downtown YMCA remains closed following reported chemical spill
MEDICINE HAT, AB — Medicine Hat Firefighters are asking the public to avoid the Downtown YMCA following a reported chemical spill at the building.

According to the Medicine Hat Fire Service, a maintenance worker at the YMCA was working on the pool’s water, when he mixed two chemicals together, which had an unexpected reaction and produced chlorine gas.

The maintenance worker was taken to hospital as a precaution. An immediate update on his condition was not known.

The building has been evacuated to ensure safety of the workers. Firefighters are working to remove the chemical from the building, and will ventilate the building later in the evening.
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