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Artificial intelligence revenue soars for Nvidia (NVDA) — Quartz
Nvidia announced $2.9 billion in total revenue in its Q24 2018, with $9.71 billion in revenue over the entire year. The company reported $606 million of that revenue from hardware sold for use in data centers, meaning just over 20% of Nvidia’s revenue now comes from AI-optimized data center hardware, up from 13% of its revenue this time last year.
ai  chipset  nvidia  business  data  demand 
10 weeks ago by becky_hogge
Huawei's 5G Thrust: Balong 5000 Chipset Announced
Just yesterday, Huawei has announced the Balong 5000, a 5G multi-mode chipset, which is to be implemented in the brand’s first commercial 5G device – the Huawei 5G CPE Pro. Aimed for a wide variety of users and usage applications, the Balong 5000 will benefit home broadband devices, vehicle-mounted devices, and 5G modules. Huawei has...

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Huawei’s  5G  Thrust:  Balong  5000  Chipset  Announced 
12 weeks ago by vrzone
New Intel CPU Flaw Exploits Hyper-Threading to Steal Encrypted Data
A team of security researchers has discovered another serious side-channel vulnerability in Intel CPUs that could allow an attacker to sniff out sensitive protected data, like passwords and cryptographic keys, from other processes running in the same CPU core with simultaneous multi-threading feature enabled.
hardware  hacking  hyper-threading  intel  chipset  processor  vulnerability  side  channel  attack  simultaneous  multithreading  speculative  side-channel 
november 2018 by SecurityFeed
AMD Ryzen motherboards explained: The crucial differences in every AM4 chipset | PCWorld
Should you buy an X470, X370, B450, B350, or A320 motherboard? Where do the small form factor X300 and A300 options fit in? Let’s examine what each AM4 chipset offers so you can make the right decision when you buy a motherboard for your Ryzen processor.
AMD  Ryzen  chipset  comparison  motherboard 
august 2018 by coffeebucket
AMD Ryzen motherboards explained: The crucial differences in every AM4 chipset | PCWorld
AMD Ryzen motherboards explained: The crucial differences in every AM4 chipset
AMD  Ryzen  mobo  differences  in  AM4  chipset  2018 
may 2018 by kilroy2
AMD Chipset Drivers Download v17.30 10/2/2017
AMD Chipset Drivers Download v17.30 10/2/2017
Posted by: Hilbert Hagedoorn on: 10/04/2017 07:15 AM [ 17 comment(s) ]
AMD  Chipset  Drivers  guru  3d 
december 2017 by kilroy2
Report: MediaTek developing a 12-core 7nm chipset
Last year, MediaTek announced its new flagship mobile SoC, the Helio X30. The 10nm chipset is expected to show up in devices starting Q2 this year. The successor to the Helio X30, will apparently be manufactured on a 7nm process, in partnership with TSMC. The switch to a 7nm process will mean the next MediaTek...

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Report:  MediaTek  developing  a  12-core  7nm  chipset 
march 2017 by vrzone

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